Erin Molan realises the truth about every new mum's Google search history

'When do babies sleep through the night?' Erin Molan's new mama googling
'When do babies sleep through the night?' Erin Molan's new mama googling Photo: Instagram

"Sweet mother Mary... who am I?"

That's the question new mother and Channel Nine presenter Erin Molan is asking herself after viewing her recent Google search history. And, as you can see from her Instagram post, she's every new mama trying to get her head around this whole caring for a newborn thing.

Take a look:


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Molan, 35, and her fiance Sean Ogilvy welcomed baby Eliza Emily on 6 June.  And while the pair might still be trying to figure out life as new parents, Molan's followers are loving her honesty.

"Welcome to the motherhood! The Googling is next level!" said one woman.

"When do babies sleep through the night? Haha I think that's the most common asked question of new mums," wrote another.

"I can relate to this!!" one mama added. "My current Google search has been 'is 2 months old too early to start teething?'(Turns out they can start teething from 2 months old!!)"

Others shared that google remains a presence in a mother's life, even beyond those blurry early weeks. "Ohhhh I remember those days!" said one woman. "Now it's 'are all 18 months olds turds?'" 


"Aha, we've all been there at some point!" said another. "Then you reach the stage where you're Googling "will my toddler get sick from eating a small tub of Sudocrem?"

Some of Molan's followers simply wanted an answer to her onion question, to which she responded:  "You will all be devastated to know that onion is NOT good for breast milk."


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Like Molan, if you've found yourself Googling "when does this get easier?" or "how do I get my baby to sleep?", you're not alone.

When it comes to new parents and Google, a 2017 survey conducted by The Search Laboratory, using data from Google's autocomplete feature, found that terms such as 'parenting tips' get around 8,100 average monthly searches while more "emotive" phrases such as 'how to be a good parent' clock around 2,400.

More specifically, parents want to know everything from what their child might look like, to why their bub has bad breath. And pretty much everything in between ...

Top ten questions from expectant mothers:

  1. Will my baby be ginger?
  2. Why is my bump so high?
  3. What if my baby is born ugly?
  4. Why is my bump cold?
  5. Will my baby have curly hair?
  6. Will my baby have blue eyes?
  7. Will my baby be allergic to cats
  8. Will my baby be a boy or a girl?
  9. What will happen to my baby if I drink coffee?
  10. What will happen to my baby if I sleep on my right side?

Top ten questions from new mothers:

  1. Why is my baby's poo green?
  2. Why is my baby crying?
  3. Why is my baby's hair receding?
  4. Why does my baby grunt?
  5. Why is my baby's nose orange?
  6. Why is my baby's forehead cold?
  7. Why doesn't my baby blink?
  8. Why does my baby have bad breath?
  9. How long until my baby's umbilical cord falls off?
  10. Why is my baby so windy?