Drew: 'Olive's childhood won't be like mine'

Drew Barrymore in the March <i>Harper's Bazaar</i>
Drew Barrymore in the March Harper's Bazaar 

It seems that being a new mum has got Drew Barrymore reflecting on her own childhood and her troubled relationship with her own mother.  

In a series of recent interviews, the mum of Olive, 4 months, has spoken about her wishes for her daughter to have life experiences that are far different from her own.

The actress famously grew up very fast – she was smoking by age nine, drinking by 11, and snorting cocaine by 13. But she says that her daughter’s life won’t be anything like that.   

Drew at age 10, around the time she started drinking and smoking.
Drew at age 10, around the time she started drinking and smoking. 

“You should be a kid for as long as possible,” she told US Weekly while promoting her new make-up line, Flower Beauty.

As such, she says, “kids shouldn’t wear makeup, I feel strongly about that.”

“I think when you start getting in your teens, then all bets are off, and you should just play, play, play. And figure out what kind of woman you want to be – the training wheels are off. So kids in makeup, no.”

In an interview with Oprah last week, Barrymore said she would always be there for her daughter – hinting that her own mother hadn’t always been there for her.

"I will be there at 3pm in the school line waiting to pick her up. That is first and foremost. I think that's, as a kid, what I craved the most ... just believing that that was going to be there – [my mother] being there in that school line,” she said.

“I think the world offers so many wonderful varieties of obstacles, but that shouldn't be one for kids ... the worry that 'my parent won't be there'.”


Married to Will Kopelman since June 2012 – her mum wasn’t invited to the wedding, and Kopleman's father walked her down the aisle – Barrymore has said hopes to keep baby Olive out of the public eye.

“I don’t have a choice in this matter … [but] I know she didn’t sign up for that,” she said in the March issue of Harper's Bazaar, on sale on February 12. “I had such an exposed childhood. I appreciate my journey, but I don’t want that for my kid. Not any of it … as a parent, that isn’t the childhood that I’d provide.”

For now, she’s focussing on being as involved in her daughter’s care as possible.

“When my daughter was born, I thought to myself, ‘How do I go past infinity with my efforts and care?’ I asked my mother-in-law questions. I psycho-stalked all of the nurses with so many questions. I asked every single question.

“I’m a real stay-at-home mom. I’m really hands-on. Everything else became secondary.”

So what does the future hold for the 37-year-old? She reassured Harper's Bazaar readers that she's not ruling our acting again, adding, "It's just that I'm having so much fun, dyeing crazy leggings in those weird pockets of time when I'm waiting for my daughter to wake up so I can be a mum."

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