Dr Andrew Rochford: Dad in Profile

Being Dad: Dr Andrew Rochford
Being Dad: Dr Andrew Rochford 

Dr Andrew Rochford is a father of three. He balances work as an Emergency Registrar with a media career, including regular spot on the panel of Ten's The Project.

1.      How many children do you have? What age / sex are they?

I have 3 children. Archie who is a 5yr old boy & twin 3 year old girls - Ava and Georgia.

2.      What has surprised you the most about becoming a father?

Since becoming a father I am surprised at how much my priorities have changed, whatever you think you want to do... think again, it isn’t about you anymore, it’s all about the kids. There are no more Sunday sleep ins or romantic walks along the beach!

3.      What is the hardest part about being a dad?

The hardest part about being a dad is realising you have to be a parent and not their friend. That you have to discipline them on occasions and get them to do what they’re told. It’s also having someone totally reliant on you, it’s a lot of responsibility and they are the last ones you want to let down.

4.      How has your relationship with your partner changed since you have become parents?

My relationship with my wife has not changed too much since becoming parents, however we do find that is it often harder to have a conversation these days as we are constantly being interrupted. Our Sunday mornings aren’t sleep ins they are making pancakes and those walks on the beach, hmmmmmmm..


5.      What advice do you have for new fathers or fathers to be?

The advice I give to new fathers/fathers to be is to make the most of every stage. Make time for your kids because every stage has its own unique enjoyment and you don’t want to miss that. Don’t wish time away, before you know they will be teenagers.

6.      What are you great at?

I am great at avoiding a question on being great!

7.      What are you terrible at?

Answering questions about how great I am!

8.      How has your attitude to work / career changed since becoming a father and how do you manage the juggle of family and work?

Since becoming a father, I realise that family is very much the priority and it’s important to guarantee time for the kids. Young kids seem to want your attention all the time, I think you become very good at doing ten things at once.

9.   Tell us about the work you are doing with Jenny Craig Australia

I’m working with Jenny Craig as a Medical Ambassador and will be working with them to champion three new health related initiatives:

• Start Healthy, Stay Healthy initiative to help mums and mums to be lose weight in order to get pregnant, maintain a healthy pregnancy weight or get back in shape after having a baby.

• Adolescent Program - developing bodies also need good nutrition but with 20 - 25 per cent of Australian children and adolescents now classified as overweight with a quarter of this group being obese there are fears that youngsters are suffering both health and self-confidence issues as a result. 

• Men's Health Program - addressing the denial men have around weight and prevention of weight-related illness.

10. As a dad, what do you do to be a healthy role model?

As a parent you have to lead by example, I can’t expect or wish for my children to be active, healthy and honest kids if I don’t show them the way. You try everyday to instill in them what your parents did for you. The most valuable lessons yours kids will learn are the ones you teach them.