Discover your celebrity parents with 'StarByFace'

Photo: starbyface / Bec Judd / Instagram
Photo: starbyface / Bec Judd / Instagram 

Ever thought you should have been born into Hollywood royalty? Well you weren't, so unfortunately you just have to live with that.

There is, however, a website called Starbyface that allows you to upload a snapshot of yourself to discover just who your celebrity parents could be! 

The app uses facial recognition to get amazingly-accurate results. And while it's all in good fun, we're going to issue a warning that you might not like results. I'm not even going to say who my celebrity mother would be, suffice to say I'm more than a little displeased.

My third-in-line celebrity mother was Evan Rachel Wood, so I'll just stick with that thanks.

I chose one of Australia's favourite local celebrities - Bec Judd - to see who her celebrity mum would be and bam, of COURSE she looks like Jennifer Beals. Amazing.

Shay Mitchell had a field day with the app, being identified as her own mother.

She wrote, "Wow can't believe I just found out my real parents are Tupac and myself."

The app has been taking Twitter by storm, with everyday folk enjoying seeing who their celeb doppelgangers are.

Here are some posted on Twitter.