Danniella Westbrook: Confessions of a drug-addicted mum

A tearful Daniella Westbrook on The Jeremy Kyle Show.
A tearful Daniella Westbrook on The Jeremy Kyle Show. 

Danniella Westbrook, best known in her native UK for starting on soapie EastEnders, has revealed she snorted cocaine while in labour with her son.

Appearing on The Jeremy Kyle Show this week, the 39-year-old spoke candidly about her drug addiction and how it affected her life.     

"I took drugs throughout my pregnancy and in the bathroom suite right up until the moment I delivered him,” she said.

"Whilst in labour, I asked [everyone] to leave the room [so I could take drugs]. I was in a terrible state. No one could save me at the time."

Westbook admitted that after her son Kai was delivered and was being checked by doctors, she went back into the toilet to more cocaine.

I was a complete drug addict of the highest order

“I was a complete drug addict of the highest order," she said.

Westbrook also confessed to coming around after a cocaine convulsion to find her then three-year-old son trying to feed her a Mars Bar to revive her.

She said she was aware of the harm she could have potentially done to her child, and at one stage asked social services to remove him from her care.

But Kai, now 16, is still with his mum. "I just want to wrap him in cotton wool,” Westbrook said.


“I’m very honest with my kids. My son’s seen what drugs have done to me and says he’ll never take drugs."

Now a Christian, Westbrook credits her husband Kevin Jenkins with turning her life around.

Although she says she stole cash from her husband in the early days of their marriage, using the money to buy drugs, he sent her to rehab once she was pregnant with their daughter Jody, now 11.

"I was three months pregnant and he just put me on a plane to Arizona [to go to rehab]. I was so drugged up I didn't know what was happening.

"The first two weeks I was a terrible person, but then I just thought 'I need to do this.’”

The mum of two has now been clean for 12 years, and lives in California with her family.