Dad dances on TikTok every day until preemie son leaves NICU

Photo: Chris Askew / TikTok
Photo: Chris Askew / TikTok 

A US dad is pulling out all the moves for his premature son, vowing to post a dancing video to TikTok every day until his boy leaves the NICU.

The charming videos posted by Florida dad Chris Askew, are going viral for all the right reasons with people everywhere barracking for baby Dylan, who was born 10 weeks early on January 12, due to placental abruption.

Mr Askew's wife Danielle delivered Dylan - who was just 1.8 kg - at 30 weeks at Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando, where he remains in intensive care.

Dylan is the couple's third premature child, so Chris has learned to ride out the difficult journey of having a child in NICU. The videos are a way for him to cheer his fourth child on, spreading positivity around the internet and giving hope to other parents experiencing similar hardships.


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"Dylan's had a couple of bad days, but for the most part it's been really positive," Askew told TODAY.

"We just passed 21 days in the NICU, and we were two days in when I started my dancing. They haven't set an exact date when he'll be able to come home, but they're projecting maybe another two to three weeks."

The firefighting dad - who also works as a real estate agent - posted his first video from Ronald McDonald house a few days after Dylan was born.

He told WESH, "I did it, just a silly thing, just to see. And I woke up the next morning and I had 500,000 views on it," Askew said.


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Seriously, if these videos don't make you smile then there's nothing we can do about your immunity to babies who need our well wishes and a sweet dad cheering on his tiny, embattled son.

There's not much that's cuter, not even kittens and sloths.

Askew has shot TikiTok videos with the NICU staff, fellow firefighters, and the Orlando Magic basketball team, just to name a few of his ever-expanding co-stars.


Update ⬇️ Thank you to “THE 407” Orlando Magic Dancers! #fyp #nicu #loveisintheair #nicustrong #adambamdance #foryou #magic #orlando ungregular

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Of course, underneath the fun there's a very serious situation.

"Unless you've been through it, you can't put into words how hard it is," Askew, 42, said.

"There's been an outpouring of support for my family, and it's also helping other people somehow. People are thanking me and sharing their NICU success stories... it's helped some families who lost babies in the NICU get through a tough situation and smile. I figured as long as that's happening, I'd keep dancing."


In honor of Dylan latching & +24g the people who work with my wife wanted to dance & send love #nicu #nicustrong #adambamdance #family #foryou #fyp

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Though it wasn't his plan to blow up on TikTok, the dad has amassed more than four million views across all his videos, appearing on daytime tv and achieving celebrity status.

His wife isn't as impressed as us, however. Just look at her reaction to being asked, "Hey baby. How many likes do I have to get on this video to have another baby."


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