Coco Austin reveals why she still breastfeeds five-year-old daughter: 'Why take that away from her?'

Photos: Coco and her daughter, Chanel. Instagram
Photos: Coco and her daughter, Chanel. Instagram 

TV personality Coco Austin is defending her choice to continue breastfeeding her five-year-old daughter.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Coco explained why she won't stop nursing Chanel, who she shares with husband Ice-T, until she's ready. 

"Chanel still likes my boobs," the model said in an interview about Parenting Do's and Don'ts. "It's a big bonding moment for a mother and your child."

 "Why take that away from her? … If she doesn't want it, all right, that's where you stop it. But I'm not just going to say no."

Last week, the 42-year-old mum also posted a photo to Instagram of her cuddling with Chanel, alongside the caption:

"Who's kids also hang on the boob like Chanel? I feel forever bonded with this child."


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It's not the first time the 'Ice and Coco' star has opened up about her breastfeeding journey.

In March last year as the COVID-19 pandemic was just kicking off, Coco shared a heartfelt post about her decision to 'extend breastfeed' her then four-year-old. 


"At a time when the world feels like its coming to an end.. suck up as much love as you can!," she wrote.

"I know the mums out there will appreciate this pic! Ive been getting a lot of props in the breastfeeding community and get tons of emails from woman/mums appreciating me bringing light to the subject …

"I write a baby blog about my journey with Chanel and soon I will write about what it's like to continue boob time with a four-year-old."

In the interview, the former reality star also told Us Weekly that she and Ice-T let their daughter decide where she sleeps and allow her to spend nights in their bed.

"We call it the family bed," Coco said. "We have Chanel and all four dogs."