Christine Anu

Christine Anu
Christine Anu 

Christine Anu is a multi-ARIA award winner and her signature tune My Island Home resonates in the hearts of many Australians.

From very humble beginnings in the Torres Strait in far North Queensland, Christine has worked hard at establishing a successful and varied career in singing, dancing and acting. Studying dance at NAISDA in Sydney, Christine was quickly spotted by Neil Murray as a talent with more to offer than just dance and was asked to perform backing vocals with his band Neil Murray and the Rainmakers.

Christine made her recording debut on the Paul Kelly single "Last Train". The release of her debut album Stylin Up set the country on fire, and produced many hit singles, including "My Island Home", "Party", "Monkey and the Turtle" and "Wanem Time". She won an ARIA Award for the album and cemented her place as a major player in the Australian music industry.

In 1996 Christine gave birth to her main man Kuiam, named after a famous Torres Strait Island Head Hunter. In 2002 Christine had a baby daughter Zipporah. Full of inspiration after having Zippy, she went straight back to the recording studio and the release of her third album 45 Degrees quickly followed. This album produced the hit single "Talk About Love".

Christine's career covers all facets of show-business and she has appeared on all our major TV shows including Rove, The Panel, GMA, Sunrise, and her efforts have been well-acknowledged in the industry. Her many awards include four DEADLY AWARDS, APRA AWARD: Song of the Year for My Island Home, ARIA AWARD: Best Female Artist Stylin Up, ARIA AWARD: Best Indigenous Artist Stylin Up, ARIA AWARD: Best Video for Bazmark Now Until The Break Of Day, GREEN ROOM AWARD: Best Actress in a musical for Mimi in Rent and both Stylin Up and Come My Way went platinum.

I don't want to offer advice, except to be alone with baby and tune into baby's responses to their new world - mothers can sense what baby needs better than anyone else can.

How many children do you have? What age / sex are they?
I have two children - son Kuiam 11 and daughter Zipporah 5

What has surprised you the most about becoming a mother?
The most surprising thing about becoming a mother is how quickly time flies - each stage is as difficult as the next from child to child and you forget how you managed it!

Do you miss anything about your life prior to having children?

What is the hardest part about being a mum?
Feeling guilty! There is never enough hours in the day to fit in everybody's needs (including my own).


How has your relationship with your partner changed since becoming parents? 
I am single (but not by choice).

What advice do you have for new mothers or mothers to be?
I don't want to offer advice, except to be alone with baby and tune into baby's responses to their new world - mothers can sense what baby needs better than anyone else can.

What are you great at?

What are you terrible at? 
Offering advice!

How has your attitude to work / career changed since becoming a mother and how do you manage the juggle of family and work?
I am more relaxed and confident about my work but am impatient in getting results. I have a casual routine at home because of the work I do and I know what to expect even though its loose. My career fits into my family life and needs to be planned to the minute or the guilt starts kicking in.

What do you think about "me" time?  Do you practice it, preach it or have you resigned yourself to the fact that you will have to play catch up later on?
"Me" time is essential - HAPPY MUMMY, HAPPY HOME!! Having said that, my passion is performing and it is my career as well. So when I am working I am also doing something I love (my kids get to see me like this). It is my time out and my escape for a couple of hours. I hate being away from the kids too long but they see a happy mummy when I get home!

Who do you admire? Why?
I admire women who are working a couple of jobs, putting themselves through Uni, paying a mortgage, raising kids on their own with no support from family and managing to always be there for others with a smile on their face. I admire their strength, determination and courage and I respect that there are days you just don't feel like dragging your backside out of bed but they do.

What kind of 'Australia' do you hope for your children's future?
Equal opportunity in everything! (jobs, pay, etc) A greater recognition and respect of Australia's First People! More so, I want them to think of themselves as part of a global community in their contributions to the planet.

Finally, a question all mums must face (no matter who they are!) - What are you feeding your child(ren) for dinner tonight?
I'd better get to that now as I've spent so much time on these answers - but it will probably be something organic, like organic beef and vegies in a stir fry.

In 2007 ABC for Kids Music released the first Chrissy's Island Family album. The album features the vocals of Christine Anu, who summoned her own childhood memories and musical brilliance to breathe life into the adorable characters of Chrissy's Island Family. Each song has been carefully written and developed and contains heartfelt messages about the changing world, environment, Indigenous Australia and the inclusion of the traditional Torres Strait language, incorporating an electric mix of music styles from pop, to rock to soft ballads.