Chrissie Swan expecting baby number three

Chrissie Swan has 'happily declined many other TV offers'.
Chrissie Swan has 'happily declined many other TV offers'. 

Wonderful news for Sunday Life and Essential Baby columnist Chrissie Swan: she's pregnant with her third child!

Chrissie and her partner Chris Saville are already parents to sons Leo, 3, and Kit, 15 months.

She broke the news this morning on her breakfast show on Melbourne's Mix 101.1. Chrissie's kept the secret well, with the baby due just four months away in March.  She will still present the third season of the Ten Network's Can of Worms.

"I'm so excited because it's something we have known in this studio for 18 weeks, but I can reveal I am having my third baby," Swan told listeners this morning.

"I only told my dad last week.

"My second and third are very close together."

It is not known whether she's expecting a boy or girl next time around, but just last week Chrissie joked that, "I think that if I ever have a third child and it is a girl, that I will fully lose my mind!"

"I have two sons and sometimes I think this is God's way of acknowledging that, as a parent and as a person, I mean well but am generally too goofy to be trusted with a proper responsibility. Raising a daughter seems so ... complicated," she wrote in last week's column.

Congratulations Chrissie! We wish you all the best.