Cheeky princess shows royal kids are just like ours

Photo: Instagram/theirroyalhighnesses
Photo: Instagram/theirroyalhighnesses 

Parents of the more spirited children of the world can well understand the abject terror of taking their child to a formal event.

However it's unlikely that the event in question will be broadcast to millions across the world.

Such is the pain of Princess Madeleine of Sweden, whose face bore all the signs of parental exasperation, helplessly watching her 4-year-old daughter Princess Leonore splayed on the floor at her baby sister's christening.

Seated with her youngest daughter 3-month-old Princess Adrienne in arms, Madeleine was powerless to stop the awesome display of her child's spirit that has so captivated and entertained the world.

Leonore rolls around shoeless in a very unprincess-like fashion as the proceedings carry on behind her. 

Her mother, no doubt feeing the heavy weight of royal protocol, shoots her daughter a warning glare.

While the rest of us chortle that royal children are just like ours, more photos have emerged of the preschooler's antics at the christening.
Here she is 'engaging' with another of the royal children, her younger brother, 2-year-old Nicolas and generally being disdainful of the solemn event.
Commenters on the video suggest that Princess Madeleine was the same as her spirited daughter when she was a child.
These photos of her at an event as a child definitely give weight to the suggestion!