Carrie Bickmore pregnant, she tells Project co-stars

TV Presenter Carrie Bickmore is pregnant with her second child.
TV Presenter Carrie Bickmore is pregnant with her second child. Photo: Getty

Television announcer Carrie Bickmore is expecting baby number two, after announcing her pregnancy on The Project tonight.

Surprising her co-hosts. Bickmore casually announced that "speaking of babies, I have some news for you tonight … I am having a baby." 

"My boyfriend Chris and I are expecting a baby next year."

Carrie Bickmore announces the news to her shocked <i>Project</i> co-stars.
Carrie Bickmore announces the news to her shocked Project co-stars. 

The announcement seemed to come as a surprise to her co-hosts, Matt Doran, Peter Helliar and Steve Price, who later presented Bickmore with a bunch of flowers.

"That was genuine surprise from us because none of us had any idea," Dorman said.

Bickmore has been dating Project producer Chris Walker since 2012.

The Gold Logie-nominated personality is also mother to seven-year-old son Ollie, by her former partner Greg Lange, who tragically died from a brain tumour in 2010. Oliver is "stoked" to be welcoming a new sibling, Bickmore said.

Bickmore has been reluctant to comment publicly on her relationship with Walker, but told the Courier Mail earlier this year that, "everybody likes to be able to share a life with somebody and it's been lovely to have some company."

Carrie had her son Ollie at 27 and has always worked hard to maintain her work life balance. Nevertheless, she has scoffed at the idea that women can't combine a family with a career in television.


"When I fell pregnant, I had just started working on Rove, and one of the ladies in the industry that I bumped into said, 'It's a big call, having a baby when you've just started working [on the show]," Bickmore told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"She said, 'Gosh, it's hard to be a woman and have babies and be in this industry.'

"There was something in the way she said this that made me go, 'I'm even more determined now.'

"Of course women can have babies, and of course we can stay in the industry - of course!" she laughs.

"Instead of scaring me off, it fired me up even more."

Celebrities on Twitter have been quick to post their congratulations to Bickmore and Walker following the announcement. Megan Gale, Dave Hughes and Meshel Laurie were among the first to pass on their happy regards.