Bun in the oven for My Kitchen Rules couple

'Dating hipsters' ... Josh Maldenis and Andi Thomas (image courtesy Channel Seven)
'Dating hipsters' ... Josh Maldenis and Andi Thomas (image courtesy Channel Seven) 

After sweating it out in the kitchen onscreen, My Kitchen Rules couple Andi Thomas and Josh Maldenis have a bun in the oven at home.

The pair, tagged as "dating hipsters" on the show, are expecting their first child together.

Business development manager Maldenis met fashion buyer Thomas while she was working in a Perth clothing store. The couple have now been together for two and a half years.

"I used to go into the shop where Andi worked just to talk to her. I bought stuff that I didn't really like. That went on for about six months," said Josh.

It wasn't until Maldenis, 24, bumped into Thomas, 28, on a night out that sparks flew.

"He said, 'You know all those t-shirts I bought?" Thomas said.

"They're still in their bags. They're ugly. [And] it just went from there."

According to the Channel Seven website, the couple have always loved food. Thomas said their first few dates were breakfasts - but even then, they'd already be making plans for lunch.

"And then we'd be like, ‘Settle down, we only just finished breakfast!' All we'd talk about was food," she said. 


The baby will have a colourful heritage: Thomas's dad is Burmese, and her mum is Irish. 

"I remember my first Burmese/Irish Christmas," Maldenis said. "There was curry and ham in the spread. And guess what? They're great together!"

The pair attended the Channel Seven program launch on January 30, with Thomas' brother Liam in tow, but it was a case of "Mum's the word" and gave nothing away - regarding the baby or the outcome of the show - at the time.

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