Bookies offer odds on Adele's baby's name

British singer Adele is nearing her due date – and creating a stir at betting agencies as the big day draws near.

Although bookies missed out on more than half the pregnancy, as the 24-year-old kept the news quiet for the first six months, betting agencies seem to be making up for lost time, offering a range of ‘novelty betting’ options for the baby’s name.

The Someone Like You singer and her partner, Simon Konecki, 36, haven’t announced the baby’s sex, so the list of names offered by Irish betting company Paddy Power contains both boy and girl names. The majority are traditional names which can be found in the current top 100 names in Britain and Wales, but a few others have made their way into the list.

So what has the lowest odds? The top runner is Penny at 12/1. Penny is Adele’s mother’s name, and the women have a strong bond as Penny raised her daughter alone.

Next on the list is Blue at 16/1. Adele’s full name is actually Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, and her estranged dad used to call her Blue, but would she give her child the same name as fellow singer Beyonce’s daughter?

Other names of note on the Paddy Power list include Bob and Dylan at 18/1. Adele has spoken about her love of Bob Dylan’s music, and has said that her cover of Make You Feel My Love is her favourite song on her album 19.  Meanwhile, Rumour, at 25/1, echoes her song Rumour Has It from album 21.

Last on the list, at the long odds of 475/1, are Oddjob and Moneypenny – presumably a nod to announcement that Adele has recorded the theme song of the new James Bond movie, Skyfall.  

Adele's own name has seen a rise in popularity since the multi-award winning blues singer came into the spotlight; it's leapt more than 250 places since the release of her album 19 in 2008. (See more celebrity-inspired baby names of 2012 in our gallery.)

Adele's baby name list by Paddy Power

  • Penny - 12/1
  • Blue - 16/1
  • Bob, Dylan - 18/1
  • Laurie, James, Jamie, Rain - 20/1
  • Will, Olivia, Lily, Sarah, Harry, Oliver, Rumour - 25/1
  • Samuel - 33/1
  • Lucy, Jack, Austin, Joshua, Sophie, Alfie, Ivy, Stella, Daniel - 40/1
  • Evie, Chloe, Thomas, Poppy, Grammy, Grace, Amelia, Isabella, Damien, Emily, Ava, Mia, Ruby, Jonathan, Jessica, Charlie - 50/1
  • Daisy, Rue, Gabrielle, George, Vesper, Ella, Jacob, Ethan, Joseph - 80/1
  • Jinx, Solitaire, Bon - 90/1
  • Lucas, Oscar, Maisie, Charlotte, Freya, Mark, Adkins, Noah - 100/1
  • Oddjob, Moneypenny - 475/1

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