'BBC dad' lost his anonymity after kids' famous photobomb

Robert Kelly's kids photobombed his live interview, changing his life overnight.
Robert Kelly's kids photobombed his live interview, changing his life overnight. Photo: BBC News

Robert Kelly has described how his life changed after his kids crashed his live BBC TV interview, turning his family into internet celebrities. 

Penning an article for online journal The Interpreter, Kelly said he's been photographed shopping for milk, solicited for television commercials and was even pulled over by a cop who wanted a selfie.

"Losing anonymity has easily been the biggest change in our lives since the video," he wrote. 

During the original interview, which has over 27 million views on YouTube, Kelly's two children aged four and 9 months break into the room while he's being interviewed about the impeachment of South Korean president Park Geun-hye.

He barely misses a beat, maintaining eye contact with the camera while his wife crawls around in the background desperately trying to get them out of the room. 

People's reaction ranged from amusement to speculation about why he didn't stand up and remove them himself. 

In the article, he addressed the "persistent" rumour that it was because he wasn't wearing pants. 

"Yes, I was wearing pants. I did not stand up because, as they say, the show must go on. Had I stood up and broken out of frame, any semblance of professionalism would have been lost."


 He also quashed the rumour that he and his wife made a lot of money out of the incident from endorsements and appearances.  

"We have profited from it a bit," he said. "But the total amount was not that much, and was more like a one-time windfall than a major change in income."

However he said he'd received "perhaps ten thousand" communications from other parents who sympathised with the difficulty of juggling kids and work.

"These reactions were positive and empathetic. We were very moved by them."

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