Antonia Kidman

Antonia Kidman
Antonia Kidman 

Antonia has tackled a diverse amount of roles over the years, from much-loved media host (winning the 2008 'People's Choice' Astra Awards) to magazine columnist and women's ambassador, including being a mum to four young children.

Australian women related and warmed to Antonia as she presented a variety of parenting, health and lifestyle programmes with a fresh and natural style. Antonia is currently a Foxtel presenter and is the face of Living Nature organic cosmetics

Antonia, how many children do you have? What age/sex are they?

I have four children. The eldest Lucia (girl) is 10, then Hamish (boy) is 8, followed by James (boy) 5 and Sybella 20 months.

What has surprised you the most about becoming a mother?
It's the depth of love I feel towards my children. The purpose and fulfilment they bring to my life. I enjoy it so much and now the older ones are growing up it's turning into a new stage where I really value and enjoy their companionship as well. 

Do you miss anything about your life prior to having children? 
I had my first child at 28. I'd been married for three years we'd been together for five. We'd travelled and done all the things we wanted to do as a couple so we were very ready to have children. I embraced the changes to my lifestyle that children bring.

My advice is probably just to trust your instincts. There are many choices and many opinions, the best options is always the one that will work best for you and your baby.

Initially the lack of spontaneity was probably a bit of a shock, but it was replaced by so many other joyful moments. Motherhood opened me up to so much that I really have never looked back. 

What advice do you have for our Essential Baby members who are new mums or mums-to-be? 
Pregnancy is such a hopeful and exciting time. There is so much anticipation about the arrival of baby. It's lovely.

My advice is probably just to trust your instincts. There are many choices and many opinions, the best options is always the one that will work best for you and your baby.   

What are you great at? 
I was never one to win awards or trophies at school. I can do a number of things competently rather than anything exceptionally! I'm guess I' pretty self-motivated, if that counts. Also, I like people and enjoyable activities. I strive to keep myself feeling happy and content.    


What are you terrible at? 
Golf!  I wish I could play but sadly I don't seem to have any natural talent when it comes to this sport. Also � word games! As for word games I'd much prefer to read a good book.  

What do you think about 'me' time?  Do you practice it, or have you resigned yourself to the fact that you will have to play catch up later on?
A bath is my relaxing time. Usually it's in the evening when things are settled, however, even taking a bath with Sybella can be lovely.

What things do you enjoy doing the most with your children? 
Being a part of their lives and them being a part of mine. A game, a walk, bike ride or even just sitting down and watching TV together, simple thing cause us to interact. I really enjoy their company and our family dynamic. I like the feeling of a house full of people. 

What kind of Australia do you hope for in regard to your children's futures? 
I hope my kids will inherit the Australia I've experienced. I love this country and everything about it. I'm very proud of our nation and I hope my children will be too.

Could you tell us about your role with the W channel's 'From here to maternity' (on Foxtel)? What does it involve? 
I loved working on this show it was a wonderful experience. Stepping into the lives of people at such a precious time was lovely.  

Finally, a question all mums must face (no matter who they are!) - What are you feeding your children for dinner tonight?