Amy Schumer bares all in naked maternity shoot

Amy Schumer is the latest pregnant celebrity to bare all.
Amy Schumer is the latest pregnant celebrity to bare all. Photo: Elizabeth Sisson/Netflix

It's another naked celebrity maternity shoot - this time with a twist. Would we expect anything less from the hilarious Amy Schumer?

As part of a profile of the pregnant comedian in The New York Times,  Schumer is pictured chasing ducks, wearing nothing but her glorious bump and a pair of boots.

"On a chilly Nola morning, it's best to chase ducks with nothing weighing you down except a baby," the 37-year-old captions the shot, which she posted to Instagram on Thursday.

"Schumer has always been anchored by a core of confidence, as the photo here of her running naked across a park demonstrates," author Jason Zinoman writes in the piece: Amy Schumer Doesn't Care What You Think (That Much)

Since announcing her pregnancy, Schumer has documented her ongoing struggle with hyperemesis, which has seen her hospitalised four times. Due in May, Schumer tells Zinoman that she believes she has vomited, "in her conservative estimate, 980 times".

In February, after not being cleared to fly due to complications from the condition, she was forced to cancel the remainder of her tour. 



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Despite the challenges, Schumer is looking forward to welcoming her baby, with husband Chris Fischer, and believes it will bring her the happiness fame and wealth has not.


"Young me thought this would bring some other level of joy," she says. "I think I will experience that with a baby. But other than that, it doesn't exist."

In her new Netflix special Growing, set to air on 19 March, Schumer tells fans that she's "done being dirty".

"Cause I'm basically already kind of an amazing mum. I've got to be more mature, more grown up, more dignified," she says, vomiting. "As I prepare to squeeze just the sweetest, giant skull out of my little precious vag, I want to steer clear of sharing overly personal details."

But while the mama-to-be's naked maternity shoot is certainly a more humorous example, Schumer isn't the first pregnant mama to bare all . 

Singer Alanis Morrissette posted this photo in 2016:

Alicia Keys posed for charity while pregnant with her son:

Serena Williams appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, following in the footstep of the iconic Demi Moore cover from 1990.


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 She, of course, followed in the footstep, of course, of this iconic Demi Moore cover from 1990.