Alex Cullen prepares for life with three kids under three: 'Truly blessed, but challenges ahead'

Photo: Instaram
Photo: Instaram 

To all the people throughout the last couple of years who asked if we were going to 'have another one', well, the answer is yes. 

Yes, all going well, we are going to have another child.  Yes, we will have two-year-old twin daughters and a newborn.  Yes, life is about to get even busier.  Yes, it was earlier than we'd planned and yes, and this is a big YES, we couldn't be happier. 

All this as the 'terrible twos' are in full swing for our daughters Audrey and Evie.  The overarching back, the pretend crying, the pointing at and wanting of things that I sometimes can't quite identify, the fussiness, the moodiness, the busyness!

HOWEVER, they pale in comparison to the wonderful milestones that seem to be coming all at once. 

The stringing together of words, the personalities shining through, the laughs and the cheeky smiles, the joy of discovering everything from the opening scene of The Sound of Music to the unbridled thrill of riding trikes down dangerously steep slopes. YIPEEEEEEE! 

My wife and I agreed that an age gap of at least three years would suffice between the girls and our third so it came as quite the surprise that the age gap would be considerably less than that. 

The first thing we checked is whether or not it was twins.  It's happened before and it can happen again but alas, not this time. A singleton! 

We've been asking all the usual questions.  Will the girls adore their younger sibling? Will they be jealous and completely ignore them or worse? 


The way the girls have been treating their precious dolls at the moment by using my socks as miniature sleeping bags should be a good indication of how they'll treat the real thing.  We hope. 

We are truly blessed but the challenges ahead are many. 

High-octane two-year-old twins, a 3.30am alarm clock, two working parents, a soon-to-be newborn, unruly and wonderfully unhinged work colleagues (yes, you Karl) and family not so near and very, very far.

The human race has been doing this for millennia without wipes, Disney, and Baby Mum-mums.  

We're not at war. We're not living in a cave and we have our health.  And let's not forget we live in the best city in the best country in the world. 

You may have noticed that I'm focussing on the positives.  You absolutely, positively have to. 

We've got this! Stay tuned...