Ada Nicodemou: 'Life as a new mum'

Ada Nicodemou and son on the cover of New Idea.
Ada Nicodemou and son on the cover of New Idea. 

Home and Away actress Ada Nicodemou has spoken about life as a new mum after giving birth to her son two weeks ago.

Baby Johnas Chrys was born in Sydney on August 22, weighing 3.49kg, New Idea reports.

Nicodemou has openly spoken about using IVF to conceive, saying she and her husband, chef Chrys Xipolitas, were “very lucky” to fall pregnant on their first try.

“We’d been trying for a year all up, and I was so focused on getting pregnant I couldn’t think of anything else,” she revealed in the latest issue of New Idea.

Nicodemou says she felt “instant love” for her son, who was born after a long labour and an emergency caesarean.

“I look at him and go, ‘Oh my God, I don’t remember my life beforehand – I don’t remember being pregnant!’ It’s like it began from that moment onwards,” she said.

“We’re both still learning. He’s learning how to be in the world, and I’m learning how to look after him. But it’s just so beautiful.”

The name Johnas appears to be a personalised version of Jonas, which means 'accomplishing' in Hebrew.

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