'A weird kind of calm': Emily Skye shares details of her surprise home birth

Emily Skye and her son, Izaac.
Emily Skye and her son, Izaac. Photo: Instagram

Fitness influencer Emily Skye has a "new appreciation" for her body, after she gave birth to her son Izaac at home in June.

The newborn arrived two weeks early, catching the 35-year-old and her family by surprise. The speed of his arrival meant the new mum gave birth without any medication or assistance.

"I felt kind of weird and calm," Skye told PEOPLE about the birth. "I went to bed and woke up with some cramps, which I had been having for about a week leading up to [my delivery]."

"They were like period cramps that would come and go, but they got a bit more intense in the night. I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't," she said, which is when she started counting her contractions.

The influencer said she called her birthing coach when the contractions were six minutes apart, who told her to wait a bit before going to hospital. However, not long after, she "knew it was time".

"My partner [Declan] was on the phone trying to get someone to watch Mia because my mum hadn't arrived," she recalled. "Then he called the ambulance and I was screaming, 'He's coming!'"

"The moment I took my bottoms off, the water just broke," she continued. "It went everywhere, it was a lot."

At this point Skye said Declan was told by a paramedic to check if he could see the baby's head. According to Skye, as soon as she saw his face go white, she knew the baby's head was coming out.


"He told the lady on the phone, 'Yeah, I can see his head. It's half out!'" she remembered. "Meanwhile, I'm roaring and my daughter Mia is screaming in horror and ended up running off and hiding because she was terrified."

Luckily, medical assistance arrived not long after, although Izaac was already "three quarters out'.

"I delivered him on the ground," Skye said. "There was blood everywhere. It was like a crime scene."

Skye was checked into the hospital, as she'd lost a lot of blood during labour. However, the mum-of-two said she "burst into tears" when she saw herself in the mirror after having a shower- because she was in awe of what her body had done.

"I was talking to my body, saying: 'You're amazing. Thank you so much for doing this, for birthing my son.'" She gushed in an Instagram post. "I just had this new appreciation for my body that I've never had before."

Skye suffered with post-partum depression after giving birth to her daughter Mia in 2017 but says this time around she's in a better place and is aware of the warning signs.

"I'm just ready for it and if it happens I know what to do and I will get the help I need," she said.