MunchMonitor School Lunches


Help is at hand for parents sick of scrambling around for small change and paper bags for their children’s school lunch orders.

MunchMonitor is an easy way for parents to order and pay online from their school canteen menu using a credit card at Parents can also opt to hand over a pre-paid card with spend limits that allows their child to choose a lunch item from the canteen on the spot.

Schools and canteen managers are seeing huge benefits from the service too. Automatic tally sheets and labelling cut down on the volunteer workload, while increasing sales, which contributes money back in to the school budget. In a recent survey, 97% of parents and 100% of schools using MunchMonitor say they would recommend it.

Scott McClure, Managing Director, attributes its popularity to being a service of convenience for both parents and school canteens, “It saves time for parents and school canteens.

Parents no longer waste time in the morning scrounging around for change and writing out lunch orders.  School canteens also save a couple of hours each day so they don’t have to rely on volunteers or paid staff as much.”

Artarmon Public School, in Sydney’s north, implemented MunchMonitor in October 2008.  94% of the student population use the service, and sales have increased by over 30%.

The school is now using MunchMonitor to implement other fundraising initiatives, like sausage sizzles and multicultural food days.

Margaret Heppell, P&C Treasurer at Artarmon Public School says “As a parent, I love MunchMonitor because it saves me time and stress, as a Canteen Volunteer I love the ease of processing orders and as a Canteen Treasurer I love the increase in sales that MunchMonitor has brought."

Growing obesity rates are another huge concern for parents and educators, and MunchMonitor can help implement healthy eating programs in school canteens.

School menus can be marked with the “traffic light” nutritional system giving parents informed choice over their child’s meal options. New healthy foods can be trialled and success gauged daily through MunchMonitor’s automatic tallying system.

Parents can even set up a MunchMonitor profile for their child, banning specific foods from purchase helping to manage allergies.
If you’d like to join in the thousands of parents using MunchMonitor each week, click here and find out how to have the program implemented in your school.

It’s currently in use at primary, high and combined schools in both the government and private sectors with student numbers ranging from 350 to 3,200.

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