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Working in Delivery Suite - Mater Hospital

As a midwife at The Mater I am part of the committed midwifery team. Each day I have the rewarding opportunity to assist and support women and their families welcome their new baby into their lives. It is such a joyous and momentous occasion.

A midwife is defined as being ‘with women’. We are guided by the women in our care, being intuitive, understanding and compassionate. Our focus is to provide care that is appropriate, sensitive and safe during their labour and birth. We are always mindful, to be respectful and responsive to each women’s expectations and needs.

Each expectant mother needs to feel nurtured and protected through their birthing experience. Emotional support is shared in the form of encouragement and reassurance. Physical support options are discussed and strategies adjusted as their labour progresses.

We sometimes have the opportunity to get to know expectant mothers before the birth of their baby when Obstetricians refer women to our maternity unit for further observations. We also carry out assessments or fetal monitoring to assist in identifying any specific needs. Attending for clinical assessment, also gives mothers time for discussion, including questions and concerns about pregnancy or labour.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to share the joy and excitement that a new baby brings to a family. One fond memory I have is sharing with Karen and Tim the birth of their first baby some 6 yrs ago. Initially they were excited but also somewhat apprehensive and fearful of the ‘labour of love’ ahead. I gently reminded them of all they had learned whilst attending antenatal classes and everything they’d read about. Now we were putting the knowledge and coping strategies into practice. Labour progressed well with support and reassurance. Responding to Karen’s changing needs – massage, heat and water therapy and calm positive words of encouragement.

Finally, after many hours to witness the birth of Jack, the tears of joy, the excitement and the emotions of new mum, Karen. Tim was overwhelmed with delight, initially speechless meeting their first born son. Baby Jack was calm, relaxed, alert and responsive listening to his parent’s gentle voices as he snuggled skin-to-skin with Karen. It is such a special time.

Recently I had the special privilege to share in the birth, and welcome their third child, Hugo. Karen was comforted, expressing a feeling of security to have a familiar face. We reflected on the journey we shared those years ago. Each birth is special and to meet that happy young boy Jack and his sister when they visited, emphasised the importance of life and love.

Working in Delivery Suite is highly satisfying and rewarding, we impart our experience, knowledge and skills to help Mums through one of life’s most exciting journeys. Lasting memories are treasured. Shared experiences and friendships gained.

JP - Mater Midwife