Woman bans friend from baby shower after she calls pregnant women 'boring'

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Photo: Getty Images 

Friendships can often fade or change as people go through different life stages and milestones. 

One woman is finding one of her close friends is not adapting well to her new lifestage, repeatedly making unkind comments about the fact that she's expecting a child.

Posting to Reddit, the woman explained she's six months pregnant, and decided not to invite her friend Anna, to the baby shower,

"She has always known she doesn't want kids and I don't have any problem with that," the mum-to-be explained. "Everyone's needs and wants are different and I respect that."

However, now the woman is finding it difficult to be around Anna.

"I did not find it to be hurtful or wrong before I got pregnant but even after all of my friends knew about my child, Anna continued to bash having children," she admitted, saying the hints are "subtle," like sending articles about how having children contributes to pollution, or saying things like "It's a bad world, why would anyone want to subject an innocent child to this".

"During the first months I thought she was just concerned or maybe it was hard to break her habit but she continued on, despite me telling her it's a bit hurtful," she said. "She always apologised though and seemed genuine."

The woman reached breaking point last week when Anna told her that "people get so boring after being pregnant," when she said something baby-related in answer to a question one of her friends had asked.

"I laughed it off, but it hurt me a lot," she admitted. "So when it came to the baby shower, I decided to not invite her. I was feeling a bit petty I guess which is one of the reasons why I may be the a--hole, but I also didn't want her saying hurtful things."


After the baby shower, she got a call from Anna, who was upset she wasn't invited.

"She said she saw all of the Instagram photos (not from my acc) called me selfish, accused me of trying to cut her off from the group for being child free and things like that," she recalled.

"I just replied about her finding baby things boring and she hung up," she continued. "A lot of other friends texted me saying I shouldn't take everything so seriously and should not have made Anna upset especially since we have been friends for years."

"So I have to know if I should work on my behaviour and apologise, if I was in the wrong," she asked. "Am I the a--hole?"

However users agreed with her decision.

"You did not invite her for being child free, you did not invite her because she repeatedly dumps on the idea of having children, despite being asked not to," one user pointed out. "That is not the kind of person anybody would want to have at a baby shower."

"She knows what she's doing, and it's nasty," agreed another.