10 easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas

It's officially time to get into the Christmas spirit. Why not branch out when you put up your tree this year and add a personal touch with a few DIY decorations? We've found the perfect easy-to-make ways to put more festive fever into your home.

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Christmas curiosity ... To be fair, the room just got a big tree with lights and spinny things on it. Who could resist?

7 tips to kid-proof the Christmas tree

If this is your first Christmas with a toddler in the house, you may be wondering how you'll keep your Christmas treasures out of curious little hands.

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mum to be

Christmas gift guide for mums and mums-to-be

Mums are generally the ones who spend most of the chaotic festive season looking out for everyone else. Here are some great gift ideas for the matriarch of the family this Christmas.

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Celebrity knot

16 ways to tie a scarf

Scarfs are the perfect winter accessory. Whether you're freezing at soccer training or wanting to add a splash of colour to a monochrome top, the right scarf will sort you out in no time. Just ask Nina Proudman.

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Ephan Jones, 6, has to take a puffer before sport in winter or risk an asthma attack triggered by wood smoke.

Wood fire heaters a winter pollution woe

The air pollution from wood fire heaters in winter now poses a bigger immediate health danger to Sydneysiders than cars or cigarettes, health experts say.

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