Video: Ten-year-old boy overjoyed by mum's baby announcement

Young Ethan has been asking for the same Christmas present every year since he was toddler ... and this year, his dream finally came true. 

In a video uploaded to YouTube a few days ago by his mum, we see Ethan being handed an early Christmas present: a card with a baby scan inside. Yes, his mum is pregnant with a brand new sibling for him.

The 10-year-old is thrilled and bursts into tears when he realises what it really means.

"Ethan has asked for the same special Christmas present since he was 2," reads the video description.

"This year we were able to give him it. The moment the penny drops is priceless. The look on his face has made my year.

"What an awesome brother he is going to be!!"

We have to agree. Congratulations to Ethan and his family!