Top 10 TikTok parenting hacks, trends, tips and superstars of 2020

TikTok Photo: TikTok

We never thought we'd see the day where TikTok became a place where mums and dads share parenting tips — but it's 2020. We also never imagined bucket hats or terry-towelling making a comeback, so anything is possible!

It's not just an app for kids - check out the good, the bad and questionable parenting related TikToks from 2020.

1.  The cuddle challenge

There are some wild (and controversial) TikTok challenges out there, but this one is one that made everyone "awwww". The challenge involved parents lying down for a cuddle on their kid's lap while the child is engrossed in their favourite TV show or movie and filming their reaction.  Although there was the odd kid that would rather keep their "me" time free from parental hugs, most welcomed the surprise cuddle.

2. Sick of sand in the car after the beach?

This clever dad shared his genius hack to get all the sand off his kids' feet before they get in the car

3. DIY McDonalds

One mum was sick of her kids not eating her homemade chips, nuggets and burgers. So she kept Happy Meal wrappers and just popped the homemade version in - genius!


4. Edible sand

We. Love. Food. Hacks.

This genius mama came up with the ultimate solution for toddlers that just can't help but put everything in their mouths. Sick of her daughter eating sand, she instead blended cereal for her to play with, so if it does end up as a snack rather than something to play with you don't have to worry.

5. Don't cry over spilt water

A popular challenge at the start of the year was 'accidentally' spilling water on unsuspecting babies and filming their reactions.

The challenge involved parents singing along to the song 'What You Doing With That' before pretending to be startled by something resulting in the water spilling, aiming to get it on or near the baby to see what they do

There were mixed reactions from the tiny critics, with some loving the impromptu shower while others downright hated it. 

6. Aussie dad

An Australian dad and daughter duo gained half-a-million followers after 22-year-old Stace shared a video of her dad Grant struggling to open his new work laptop.

The video quickly did the rounds, with people declaring that Grant was now 'the internet's' dad, due to his well, 'dad energy' in the videos.



♬ original sound - Lil Stace

7. Sleight of hand

Getting kids to take medicine can be one of the biggest challenges of parenting, but one mum shared how she tricks in getting her toddler to take her medicine - and the internet loved it! 

Showing her cutting up a used juice pouch, she sits the medicine cup inside of. After measuring out her son's dose, she sticks the straw into the cup and served it to him.

8. My, how the tables have turned 

The hilarious "no" trend saw parents accidentally insulting their children. The trend involved kids tricking their parents into  accidentally recording a video selfie of them while their kids are in the background, they then upload these videos to TikTok along with an insult aimed at their kids written on screen from the point-of-view of their parents.

Gotta love the self awareness!


Does someone w an athletic child want to trade?

♬ no no no no no no no no - #fypsounds

9. Mums gone wild

Who hasn't gotten a bit excited on a rare night out?

A 19-year-old posted a video of her university friend's mums on a night out, captioning it 'Mums Gone Wild'. The video has over 30 million views, with people even responding to the video with their own videos, including one that guessed what kind of phone case they'd use and where they'd shop. 

10. Dancing dad

These heart warming viral videos of a US dad dancing everyday until his prematurely born son leaves the NICU did the rounds at the beginning of the year.

Chris Askew's son was born ten weeks early, and he started the dancing videos two days in. The devoted dad said he wanted to "spread a bit of positivity and make people smile".

Little Dylan left NICU after 48 days, with the ecstatic father posting one last video with the hospital staff on day 48.


In honor of Dylan latching & +24g the people who work with my wife wanted to dance & send love ##nicu ##nicustrong ##adambamdance ##family ##foryou ##fyp

♬ Bass Da Da Da - Shou