'No babies were harmed in this process': Mum's horror Halloween shoot divides the internet

Tiffany Renfroe
Tiffany Renfroe 

It's the daddy-daughter Halloween shoot that's been described as everything from "cute" to "horribly abusive."  But mother-of-three and photographer Tiffany Renfroe is taking it all in her stride.

The zombie-themed snaps of Mrs Renfroe's husband, Daniel, and their 11-month-old Oakley, are gory, dark and incredibly creative - and they're going viral.

"Although it was a dead shoot, it was very much alive," Mrs Renfroe tells Essential Baby of the controversial photos which have been shared over 150,000 times on Facebook. "We're very sarcastic people, as people, as parents," she says of the motivation behind them, adding that their "babies",  Kaiden 10, Gibson, five,  Oakley 11 months, are  "our world".

Tiffany Renfroe

While her husband and ten-year-old's love of horror films and series such as The Walking Dead, inspired the vivid photos, so, too, did the idea of spending time as a family.

And, having already starred in her own shoot with Oakley, it was dad's turn. 

"I wanted something original, something unique," Mrs Redfoe says. "Then it came to me."

The labour and delivery nurse who describes herself as "not your classic mum",  notes that it took a week to put everything together and to find the perfect spot.

"The day of the shoot, Kaiden and myself, started doing Daniel's make up first," Mrs Renfroe says. "We hoped Oakley would just play while we worked, but just like a curious 11 month old she was right up in our business," she says. "So I would do some of Daniel's then smudge a little on her, do a little more of his and smudge again on hers. It took patience but was fun. 

Tiffany Renfroe

And while many online questioned how on earth she managed to keep a baby still, the keen photographer says she didn't need to. "I worked in her world and made it fun," she says.

The experience itself was a family affair, their eldest two helping behind the scenes, Oakley proud of herself for standing up and the whole crew snacking on the gory, red velvet, props."It was much more than a shoot," she says.  It was family time."


The mum hopes that the photos don't just reach fans of horror movies or zombie lovers. Rather, she hopes they underscore the "deeper layer" of what she and her husband were trying to achieve -  "time spent with your family."

"Whatever you choose to do with your children, do something with them!" she says. "Children need our time, they need us, they need laughs, giggles, hugs, and adventure! That is what they will remember! They aren't going to remember eating cake and berries off of some fake intestines,."

"Well, until I decide to share the photos at her wedding."

Tiffany Renfroe

And while responses to the photos have ranged from "these are the only kinds of baby photo shoots I ever want to see!" to "seeing her father 'dead' would be deeply traumatising!!" Mrs Renfroe says she can laugh off most of the criticism, as "friends and family are so supportive and laughing it off too."

She's also been incredibly humbled by the support strangers have shown. "They don't even know me and they're willing to stick up for me as a mum and human being. 

"I mean you can look at my profile on Facebook and tell from my profile picture alone that my heart pours out to my children," Mrs Renfroe adds. "I'm the mum who lets them go barefoot and make messes, but I am also the mum who makes sure they are safe in the world, are loved and feel loved."

And, as she notes in her post, "no babies were harmed in the process."

Tiffany Renfroe