Mum dresses up daughter in different Halloween costume every day in October

Photo: Amelia as a salad, Beanie baby (with Mum) and Star Child from Kiss
Photo: Amelia as a salad, Beanie baby (with Mum) and Star Child from Kiss 

Australian mum Kris Biti has always loved dress-ups and going that extra mile for the work Christmas party theme. 

So when the digital manager had her first child, Amelia, three years ago, it was no surprise that she channelled that passion into her daughter - and a very inventive Instagram project. 

"Dressing Amelia up in different costumes became a creative outlet for me after a long day at work," she explains. "The first few costumes were very much 'oh-isn't-my-child-so-cute' type of posts, standard Millennial Mum behaviour."

"But over the course of a week I kept getting kudos and messages to keep going - and so the tradition of #31daysofhalloween began!"

Now in it's third year, Amelia has sported all manner of Halloween costumes every day of October since she was a bub - including an 80s biathlon winter Olympian, Play-Doh, David Bowie, a lobster and an avocado.

Photo: Amelia as a lobster, 80s aerobics instructor and a paper doll

As a baby, there were times Amelia had fallen asleep before the self-imposed 24 hour cut-off to post a new photo, which led Kris to costume ideas that would look good with her asleep. 

"I made her a stick man, Sleeping Beauty and a snail. It was brilliant and a lot easier to get a good shot!" 

Photos: Kris Biti

Day 19 of #31daysofhalloween : Sleeping Snail 🐌 🐌 🐌 #ittybiti #ittybitihalloween #ittybitihalloween2016

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Clearly, Kris tries her best to come up with costumes that aren't common or mainstream - particularly for a child - in order to gain "maximum lols"!

"Last year Amelia got into make-up and so I told her I'd apply some on her to make her look like a princess. Instead I made her Starboy from Kiss - she wasn't quite sure what to make of that look! It was hilarious."

This year, Amelia has already been a salad, Iris Arpfel and a ballerina jewllery box. "I'm definitely stepping it up this year," she laughs. "I just love the creative pressure!"


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Aside from coming up with unique costume ideas, it can be a challenge to execute them, depending on Amelia's mood. 

"I won't lie, when Amelia doesn't comply I bribe her with Chuppa Chups. Don't judge!"

Kris is also strategic about when she takes the photos - it has to be in the morning - and she avoids any costumes that require her to wear a hat, because Amelia "HATES" them. 


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Image: Amelia as a roasted marshmallow

She adds: "It's all about constructing an outfit that is both amusing and easy for her to wear!"

So if you're looking for something a little different for the kids this Halloween, why not take your lead from this awesome Mama!

Kris Biti's tips for Halloween costumes 

  • Always think about that twist! You never want to show up to a party wearing the same thing as someone else - have the same approach when it comes to costumes.
  • Pun costumes are always a good idea and typically quite easy to throw together!
  • Think about how your child will react with it - box costumes are great for adults but not so great with children. Typically, the things you can wear and face paint are winners for kids.
  • Invest in strong glue!!!

Needless to say, we are all eyes on her Insta page for the rest of October to see what hilarity she comes up with next -


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