Introducing Overcrawl overalls

Continue crawling through the damper seasons without getting wet.
Continue crawling through the damper seasons without getting wet. 

Sometimes I see something really clever and I think to myself ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ That’s exactly the case with Overcrawls, the perfect kid's item for the cool damp outdoors this autumn and winter!

These overalls put an end to denying your crawling baby or curious toddler from exploring the great outdoors this winter. Gone are the days of them crawling across wet grass, only to have damp clothes sitting against sensitive skin, or numerous clothing changes from wet sandpits or helping in the garden.

These pleather overalls not only keep any wetness away, they simply wipe clean. Yes, you read that right – wipe clean. Press studs in the legs are excellent for nappy changes, while the sizes up to eighteen months have padding in the knees, for while your baby is learning to crawl and walk.

Overcrawls overalls come in a variety of awesome prints, including Strawberry Fields, Polka Dot and Cars ‘n’ Planes, and are sized to fit babies aged from six months up to two and three-year-olds. 

Overalls are priced $59.95 and available from Overcrawls.


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