Halloween shop displays too scary for some

Lauren Cochrane and her daughter Olivia with a Halloween mask displayed in a bargain store.
Lauren Cochrane and her daughter Olivia with a Halloween mask displayed in a bargain store. Photo: Claudia Baxter

An Ipswich mum reckons the decorations used in shops around Halloween need to be tamed down for kids' sake. What do you think?

Lauren Cochrane can't stand some of the horrific and downright terrifying Halloween displays in stores - so she's gone public to see if she's the only one.

"When Halloween draws near, some retail businesses are transforming their shops into horror houses," she told The Queensland Times.

"Forget about jack-o-lanterns and spiders webs, it's now gruesome skeletons with blood dripping from their mouths and cackling things in cages."

After a recent visit to a discount store in a local shopping centre, Mrs Cochrane said she was horrified by the shop's Halloween display.

She said the Halloween merchandise that filled the store was so disturbing it had frightened her three-year-old daughter, Olivia, to tears.

"Halloween isn't for everyone; it's certainly not for small children," she said.

"If I bring my kids to a family store like that I shouldn't have to worry about them being scared.

"In the end I had to leave the shop because my child was so upset."

The mother of three said such frightening Halloween decor should be tucked away in a section of the store rather than thrown in the face of shoppers.


"Otherwise family stores shouldn't stock these kinds of products at all," she said.

Just Crazy Bargains Booval owner Sunil Khatri said it was the first time he had received such a complaint.

"As a retail business, all we are doing is stocking what is in demand," he said.

"And right now customers want us to supply them with Halloween products.

"We have one of the best range of Halloween stock in Ipswich, which is why we want to feature it so prominently.

"The retail industry is struggling and we have to do all be can to guarantee sales - otherwise we won't have a shop anymore."