Excitement as three girls get adopted baby brother for Christmas

The surprise the girls found under the tree.
The surprise the girls found under the tree. Photo: Facebook

As far as surprise Christmas presents go, the one these young sisters received was pretty special.

The three girls knew nothing about their adopted baby brother until they found him under the Christmas tree. 

"We met them at the door and told them that we had been out Christmas shopping and got them a gift to share ... and it was under the tree!" US mum Courtney Solstad wrote when posting the video on Facebook.

What follows is a minute of adorable shocked faces, squealing and excitement.

Courtney is heard telling her daughters: "That's your new baby brother."

"I'm going to wet my pants," is the reaction from one of the excited girls. 

"He is so sweet," says another sister. "Can I touch him?"

There's no doubt the girls were over the moon about their surprise present.

In fact, it was exactly what they had wished for.

A Christmas Wish List standing next to the tree where the baby boy was lying reads: "For my mom and dad to get the baby they deserve - Chloe."