Video: Kids excited by world's worst Christmas gifts

Struggling to find last minute stocking fillers before Santa's visit this week? If this cute video is anything to go by, just raid the fruit bowl in order to keep your kids happy.

The clip shows three-year-old Louie Cocker and his sister Connie, 2, squealing in delight as they open the world's worst Christmas presents - an onion and a banana.

It was filmed by the siblings' dad, Tom Cocker, who wanted to see whether it was the actual presnt or simply the process of unwrapping a gift which gave his children joy.

The UK dad could not have been more surprised of his children's reaction to the "surprise" after giving his son and daughter permission to open them two weeks before Christmas in 2011.

"Because you've been really good, I'm going to let you open one present early," Mr Cocker tells his children in the video.

Before opening the gift Connie predicted she would get a "Barbie Princess and King Ken" and Louie was banking on a Ben Ten watch

But there was no sign of disappointment once the gifts were open. Louie excitedly said: "I've got a banana Daddy!" and  Connie thanked her dad for the "pumpkin".

The clip was filmed in 2011, but has only recently been shared widely on YouTube.

Mr Cocker told MailOnline the video still makes him proud of his children.

"It was a cheeky prank on my part and I wasn't sure how it was going to play out. It was pure childhood innocence at its best," he said.

"It made me go a bit misty-eyed, if I'm honest."