It's time to say goodbye! 10 fun ways to farewell your Elf on the Shelf

eighteen25/Instagram Photo: eighteen25/Instagram

Congratulations dedicated Elf on the Shelf parents of 2020 - you've made it!

It's now time to say farewell to the tiny festive friend that's been taking up your time, I mean, bringing a bit of magic to your household this December.

If you're after ideas for how to say goodbye, we've got you covered.

Some people suggest writing a letter from your elf thanking your kids for a year of good behaviour, some end with a Christmas box with a present or two while others have the elf on the move back to the North Pole already.

Check out some ideas below!

1. Christmas box

2. For some, it couldn't come quick enough

3. A well deserved holiday

​4. Picture perfect

Credit: eighteen25

Credit: eighteen25 Photo: eighteen25


5. My heart will go on


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6. Snacks to go

7. One ticket for the North Pole Express please

8. The well-travelled elf

9. Masked up and ready for their next adventure

10. 'Twas the night before Christmas


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