Do babies need Christmas presents?

"This Christmas is so special for us for so many reasons, but the top one for sure is that we're together."
"This Christmas is so special for us for so many reasons, but the top one for sure is that we're together." Photo: Getty Images

When you have a baby, suddenly everything is about firsts. First poo, first smile and first night in the big cot (argh, that last one was us this week). So it's fair to say, much hooplah is made baby baby's first Christmas.

We have barely given Christmas a thought this year, with our priorities much more about learning how to get on with normal day-to-day routine things with a newborn than writing cards or *shiver* finding gifts. Navigating around shops and malls is stressful enough when you're still on your learner pram license, let alone when you're accompanied by crazed Christmas shoppers all eager to nab a deal. Thankfully those around us understand our predicament and so so don't expect a lot from us.

Our families do secret Santa or small gifts so there isn't the pressure to provide something for everyone. After all, we've given them a baby to fuss over, and for most, that's more than enough and the greatest gift of all.

But I have felt some pressure when it comes to buying gifts for our little guy. A number of people have asked what we're getting him and up until recently, I hadn't thought about it at all. While there is the argument that he won't know if we get him nothing, I figured I'd get the little guy something - just because. It's Christmas, after all. And yes I know, he'll like the wrapping paper best. 

But I really like the theory of 'something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read' when it comes to kids' gifts. An online group friend posted a link to a great site for these awesome books - Basically they're personalised books but they are so, so clever and such great quality. They'd suit a baby with a longer name but use a first and second name if you need to. They're reasonably priced and as far as keepsakes go, you can write a cool message that gets printed on the inside so they'll remember it's what they got for their first Christmas. So that's all we've got him so far ...

I've decided to brave the masses (sans baby) to see if there are other small things we can get him, but really, I know it doesn't matter if a book is all we get him. That is enough.

This Christmas is so special for us for so many reasons but the top one for sure is that we're together. No present in the world tops that. It can be such a hard time of year for those who are still trying to conceive.

Last Christmas we had a photo holding our friends' baby and people commented in it saying how much parenthood would suit us. Having just had a failed IUI round the week before, I'd instead come to accept that maybe we'd never be parents.

Christmas is also tough for those who have lost someone. This year our thoughts will be with our dear friends who have lost their darling baby daughter this week - a tragedy at any time, but more so at this time of year. It's about perspective and when horrible things happen to good people, it doesn't take long to realise gifts mean nothing in the great scheme of things. Rest easy, little one. 

Happy holidays to you and yours. Be safe and enjoy spending time with those you love.