Dear Santa: What the EB/EK team would like for Christmas


What would the Essential Baby/Essential Kids team members like to find under the tree this December 25? Here's a sneak peek at their wish-lists (where no item was too big or too small!).

 Amber Robinson, National Parenting Editor

There's nothing I really need this year so I've asked Santa for 'Just Dance 2014' on the PS3 so I can embarrass the kids with some mum dancing! 

I hope all Essential Baby readers have a safe, happy and relaxing Christmas this year. If we can't have peace on earth, how about peace on Christmas day? Or at least a sleep in …

Katie Carlin, Essential Kids deputy editor 

For Christmas this year I would love to have a new pair of runners wrapped under the tree. My current Saucony's have seen their fair share of runs this year and need replacing – especially if I am going to conquer that half marathon next year!

Melanie Mahoney, Essential Baby deputy editor 

I love my iPhone but dislike how fast it runs out of battery, so a Mophie phone case would be great (it holds extra power so it lasts for longer). Other than that, some good old fashioned books would be lovely.

 Letitia Rowlands, writer 


What I really want for Christmas is a dishwasher. It's been on my wish list since moving into our house four years ago, so hopefully this year Santa will deliver. Other than that, a hammock would be nice. That way I can spend all the time I save by not washing dishes, lying by the pool relaxing ... if only my kids would let me! 

Livia Gamble, producer 

This year, I dream of waking up to find a fancy juicer and a beach towel under the Christmas tree … perhaps a floppy hat too. 

Cassie Griffin, associate product manager

Someone to clean my dog instead of me doing it, because he’s a stinky little monster. And, if I’m being extravagant, a trip to Perth to visit my friend and her family. 

Alicia Melville, senior media specialist

I want the UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2013 DVD set, a black playsuit and also a puppy. The last one’s not possible right now, I know … BUT I WANT ONE!  

Marion Turner, producer

I need a new purse and I’ve seen you can get one that charges your phone, the Mighty Purse. It’s kinda nifty and essential for me! 

Eleanor James, product manager

According to my daughter Tess, who’s three and a half, we’re hoping for a trampoline ... or else, Santa:

What would you like for Christmas?