Baby reacts to Christmas displays, wins hearts

Photo: Hannah Law/Twitter
Photo: Hannah Law/Twitter 

The wonder of the world seen through a baby's eyes is something that never fails to melt hearts, even when our own wonder has worn off a little.

A new video has emerged of a beautiful baby boy seeing Christmas shop displays for the very first time and his amazement is a delight to behold.

Baby Mick is shown being wheeled in a trolley through a Costco store in Utah by his mother Hannah Law.

She uploaded the video to Twitter and it has since been shared on Facebook and viewed nearly 10 million times by people who can't get enough of the cuteness. 

Watch as Mick takes in all of the Christmas beauty that surrounds him. He coos, squeals and giggles and even tries to sing along with the Christmas music.

From all accounts Mick is a funny little guy and his mum has a great sense of humour. Here's a throwback post to when he was smaller and pranking his folks through the wee hours of the morning.

You just go on loving life this much, Mick. May your enthusiasm never wane.