All mums want for Christmas is ...

I'd like a hot coffee please Santa.
I'd like a hot coffee please Santa. 

Once upon a time, some luxury makeup and something sparkly in a jewellery box would have made me very happy on Christmas morning. Then I had two children and my wish list changed.

Milin and Jasmin are too young to write to Santa, but I've been thinking about what I would say if I was to pop a quick letter in the post to the North Pole. Here's what I've come up with - with a few extra ideas from other mummies who have shared their dream presents with me.

Dear Santa, please could I have a magic laundry fairy.

If she could just pop round each evening that would be ideal. I don't need any ironing done - just sorting the clothes in the laundry basket, folding them, and putting them in the right cupboards would be wonderful. I don't think you have any idea how much this would change my life.

And Santa, while we're talking magic - an 'eat your veges pill' would come in handy too.

In fact, if you have anything I can give a toddler to make him eat his greens, meat and fish plus any food with 'bits' in without any fuss, I'll take that too.

Also on the subject of food, please could you somehow arrange for me to eat one meal, perhaps Christmas dinner, while it is hot. If I could also do it with the use of both my hands, without feeding a toddler while breastfeeding a baby, that would be brilliant.

I'm not sure if this is too much to ask, but I'd also love to drink a whole cup of coffee while it is hot on Christmas Day too.

Then Santa, once Christmas dinner is over I'd really appreciate it if you could come up with a way for me to get through the rest of the day without being covered in baby sick. I'll even put on a nice outfit if you can promise me this one.


Now for some other stuff, and yes, it's still all about me, if you know of any way to relieve the constant back and neck ache I have from feeding a baby, rocking a baby, carrying a toddler, carrying a car seat, wearing a front pack, pushing a double buggy, etc etc, I'd love it if you could share it with me.

Perhaps just for one evening, I could even have a bit of time off from doing these things and get a little back rub instead. Too much?

Yep, I thought so.

This one is pretty simple, I'd like a bath. Not an actual bath, we have one upstairs. But I'd like to use it one day. It just seems to me that my baby and toddler get to use it all the time while I have to rush a one-minute shower.

If I could have a bath one quiet evening, with a glass of wine in hand, and no children in the bathroom watching and asking me questions, that would be lovely.

And, Santa, to top it all off

I'd love a good night's sleep. That is, a night when I get eight hours, uninterrupted by either child. If you also could banish the annoying insomnia that kicks in when both of my children are actually sleeping, I'll love you forever. Plus I'd like to wake up naturally too, you know, when I'm feeling rested and ready for the day. I can't quite remember how that feels.

What would you put on your wish list for Santa?

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