40 adorable halloween costumes for baby-wearing parents

Depending on the age of your little one when Halloween rolls around, trick-or-treating might be made a lot easier with the use of a baby carrier. To make sure that your baby's adorable costume doesn't get hidden by the entire Ergo or Baby Bjorn, you could incorporate the carrier into the costume completely.

Scroll through for 40 baby-wearing costumes that are sure to inspire you and your baby's getups this Halloween.

1 Skeleton

2 E.T. (and Elliott and Gertie)

3 Bag of Money (and Burglar and Cop)

4 Big Bad Wolf (and Little Red Riding Hood)


5 Shark


Sharknado arrived in Costa Mesa!!! #ergobabyhalloween #shanemonroe

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6 Scooby-Doo (and Velma)


Happy Halloween! 🎃#babywearing #ergo

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7 Spider

8 Buzz Lightyear

9 Witch

10 1UP Box (Super Mario)


🎃 #HappyHalloween #babysfirsthalloween #familycostume #babycarriercostume #mario #luigi #1UP #extralife

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11 Pikachu in a Pokéball (and Ash and Misty)

12 Mermaid


Which way to the beach?!? 🌅 #babycarriercostume #halloweeniscoming #mermaidcostume #babywearing @ticklesandtoots

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13 Popcorn


Lydia's first Halloween. #ergobabyhalloween

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14 Carlos (The Hangover)

15 Harry Potter

16 Rosie the Riveter

17 Dragon (and Knight, King, and Queen)


Another awesome Halloween photo coming through from our @ticklesandtoots customers!! #doinghalloweenright #familyfabulous

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18 Politicians (and Secret Service)

19 Yoda (and Luke Skywalker)

20 Dinosaur


Our baby Dino costume @ergobaby #ergoHalloween #lovecarrieson #iswearthereisababyinthere ;)

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21 Oscar the Grouch


#cutestoscarthegrouchever #amayanona

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22 Sushi

23 Pumpkin

24 Pirate


Momma and my little pirate! #happyhalloween #hudsonandmomma #ergobabyhalloween #ergobaby #ergo360

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25 Lion (and Lion Tamer)

26 Cloud (and Sun)


happy halloween #dailysawyerann #ergobabyhalloween

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27 The Hulk

28 Turtle


My cutie little 🐢 in his @ergobaby costume.

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29 Rocket Ship


An astronaut, her rocket ship, and a space mama. 🎃🚀❤️ #ErgobabyHalloween

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30 Unicorn

31 Roo (Winnie the Pooh)

32 Hiccup and Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon)

33 Munchkin Doughnuts


My donuts and little munchkin. #twins #ErgobabyHalloween #babywearing #ergobaby #3kids2andunder

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34 Monkey



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35 Ladybug


Ladybug Posse Halloween 2014! Downtown trick or treatin

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36 Bert (and Mary Poppins)


#ergobabyhalloween #maryandbert

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37 Police Officer (and Prisoner)


I can't go anywhere without the police on my back! Happy Halloween!! 👻🎃 #elibradford #ergobabyhalloween

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38 Bee (and Beekeeper)


How cute is this costume?! #ergohalloween #babywearinghalloween #babywearing #ergobaby #lovecarrieson

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39 Audrey II (Little Shop of Horrors)

40 Potted Plant

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