Ten things I've learned about motherhood

mum baby

KIRAN CHUG Never take a good night's sleep for granted. There is no logic like toddler logic. Standing on Lego hurts every time. These are the truths of parenthood.


Why couples with daughters are more likely to divorce

The reason parents of girls are more likely to divorce is surprising.

LETITIA ROWLANDS Couples with daughters have higher divorce rates than those with boys. A new study reveals why that is the case.

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Reality star poses in four-year-old's pyjamas

Bethenny Frankel

LETITIA ROWLANDS Former Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel's social media followers were outraged by photos of her posing in children's clothing.

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Aussie parents the best at saying 'no'


LETITIA ROWLANDS Children ask for something once every three minutes while shopping, but new research shows Australian mums and dads are better at saying no than parents in the USA.

'We're here to support each other': Alice Morell and The Mother Movement

alice morell

MICHAEL SHORT Motherhood didn't come naturally to Alice Morell, but she has now created a movement to help mums get the support and acknowledgment they need.


'Stop disciplining your children': parenting expert

Dr Shefali

LETITIA ROWLANDS Parents wanting their sons and daughters to grow into happy adults should focus on their own behaviour instead of their children's, according to psychologist and author Shefali Tsabary.

16 apps and gadgets to help you plan your wedding


Corinne Bagish From staying fit to selecting a venue, these apps and devices will help the process of getting hitched go off without a hitch.

What's in a (sur)name?


KIRAN CHUG After three years of marriage, and with two kids, I've decided it might be time to take the leap and do something I used to be so strongly against.

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Thank God it's Sunday? Mums less stressed at work than home


LETITIA ROWLANDS There's no denying mums love spending time with their family, but a new study finds women experience higher stress levels at home than they do in the office.


Speaking out about stillbirth

stillborn baby necklace

Around six babies arrive stillborn in Australia every day, so why is this still a taboo topic? The mum of a stillborn baby, an obstetric social worker and an artist who creates keepsakes for parents of lost babies have their say.

An apology to the mums I used to begrudge

mum silhouette pram

KATE FRIDKIS When I first ventured outside after having a baby, I felt like all I did was apologise and try to stay out of people’s way. And it taught me a lesson about all stages of life.

The mum smiling through breast cancer

dionne davis

Adam Dudding When Dionne Davis was diagnosed with cancer, her first decision was whether she wanted to keep her baby.

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Our year without Izzy

izzy ng

Chuck Ng A year ago today, our lives were changed forever when our dearest Isabelle (Izzy) gained her angel wings and departed this world of ours.


Do we judge mums with large families?

pregnant belly

Libby Hakim When I pass a mum of many in the street, I can’t help but wonder how she does it. I smile, but I’m also silently questioning her sanity.

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Artist found relief from postnatal depression in her craft

Creative spirit: Hiromi Tango used memories, diaries, letters and works to create

ANDREW TAYLOR Art helped Hiromi Tango navigate through her postnatal emotional turmoil - and now she's helping others with their own mental health struggles.

In defence of sharing baby photos on Facebook

Facebook baby

Ariane Beeston It’s a common, now clichéd complaint about Facebook: "Parents share too many photos of their kids, my feed is full of baby photos." But I delight in seeing the photos because behind them all, there’s a story.


Coping with the dualities of motherhood


Krys Saclier Parenting is two different things at once: I love my children so much and can't bear the thought of being without them, and at the same time, I desperately want some time to myself.


Anonymous parents share their secrets


Melanie Mahoney The parenting subsection of confessional app Whisper shows a mix of highs and lows, of funny secrets and dark confessions.

Here's to all the real mums

kiss toddler mum

Suzy Freeman-Greene Here's to the mums whose babies puke on them, instead of glowing cutely from pristine pink dressing gowns. They favour trackie daks over silk kimonos, maybe with a cloth flung across a shoulder to catch the vomit.


The team that runs for premature babies

running for prem babies

RACHEL BROWNE When Sophie and Ash Smith lost their premature triplets in 2006, the couple were devastated. Since then, they've helped raise more than $1 million to help others like them.

Mixed pain and joy on a motherless Mother's Day

sad mum

LETITIA ROWLANDS Every Mother's Day, as friends express their appreciation and love for their own mothers, I'm acutely aware of the void that was left in my life when my own mum passed away.

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The thing mums aren't supposed to admit


Bryony Gordon I looked forward to the end of my maternity leave. Does this make me a woman devoid of maternal instincts, who doesn’t deserve to be a mother? No. It just makes me normal.

A single mum's life with Tourette's

Renee Harvey

Naomi Arnold Curiously, Renee Harvey's tics go away when she sings. And when she sings her favourite songs over the din of her son playing, it's the only time her hands stay still.


To the troll who called my son ugly

Megan Davies Mennes

Megan Davies Mennes When a stranger insulted this mum's son, and a handful of other children with Down syndrome, she knew she needed to speak up to fight ignorance.

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Is Facebook a social saviour or stress maker?


LIBBY HAKIM Do new mums turn to Facebook to alleviate their stress? Or do they actually find Facebook an additional source of stress when parenting a baby?


The beautiful 'angel gowns' for babies who have grown their wings

angel gowns

LETITIA ROWLANDS After witnessing the grief of parents whose babies had passed away, Sarah McVeigh was determined to do something to comfort them - so the Australian Angel Gowns group was created.

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Parents positive despite children's medical issues or disabilities


Letitia Rowlands Having a child facing disability or medical challenges is stressful for parents, but it can also be rewarding, as a new study has confirmed.

A message for the 'just you wait' brigade

mum toddler

JO HARTLEY In today’s parenting culture, it seems competitive negativity has become something of a sport. Heaven forbid we should contemplate for even one moment that our journeys are about to get any smoother.


5 autism simulations to help explain sensory overload


Matt Petronzio Noted autism activist Temple Grandin famously said, "I am different, not less." These video simulations help further that understanding of living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

When do adults need to be immunised?


Melina Georgousakis and Kristine Macartney Most of us will receive the majority of our vaccinations in childhood, but Australian adults still die and become disabled from vaccine-preventable diseases. Learn when you should get updated immunisations.

This too shall pass: the ups and downs of parenthood


Ariane Beeston I've been busy repeating the age-old mantra, but I also need to remember that along with the tricky, stressful bits, some of the cute, quirky, funny things pass, too

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Breaking out of the isolation of motherhood


PINKY MCKAY There can be many reasons for mummy isolation – and you don’t have to be a new mother to feel like you're often doing it all alone. Here, mums share their stories of feeling isolated, and what they do to try to break out of it.


How you develop in your baby's first year


JODIE BENVENISTE Just as babies undergo rapid growth as they learn and change in their first year, we’re learning and changing quickly as parents, too. Don’t underestimate the developmental stages you go through when you have a baby.

Motherhood is not the toughest job


Kiran Chug The viral fake listing for #worldstoughestjob made motherhood sound like hell. It painted mothers as martyrs. It made us out to be super-human. It was wrong.

Sex abuse 'culture of shut up' has to go


Julia Watson When I was a child, my mother took me to live in the home of a known child predator. I know first-hand that we have to speak out against sex abuse and end this "culture of shut up".

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'I Touch Myself': Chrissy's breast cancer legacy lives on

Chrissy Amphlett.

LETITIA ROWLANDS It's a different message to the one it sent in the 90s, but Chrissy Amphlett's iconic song is still urging women to touch themselves one year after the singer's death.


Life with anxiety


Sharon M. Smith At times, I feel pretty worthless. In those moments, all I want to do is curl up into a ball and hide in the dark. I can try to quiet my mind, but it won’t shut up.


Photographer's special mementoes for grieving families

Jane Poynter, the photographer who takes portraits of the babies in the 'reproductive loss' area at the Royal Womens Hospital.
26th March 2014.
Photo by Jason South

MIKI PERKINS A special group of photographers take pictures of babies who have died, to provide a tangible keepsake for grief-stricken parents.

Dealing with an unexpected pregnancy

hand pregnancy test

Danielle Colley If you'd decided you didn't want any more children, what would you do if you accidentally fell pregnant? Four women share their stories.

In defence of mums on the phone

phone baby

KIRAN CHUG I know news stories always attract a range of opinions, and I know they're a place for people to have an anonymous dig in. However, I also know that this mum bashing has to stop.

Why I love the small age gap between my kids


Lisa Almond Six months after our son turned one, we welcomed son number two into our lives. Yes, the small age gap had been planned - and there are things I love and hate about that small gap.

'Just one more': Adding to your family when you thought you were done


LIBBY HAKIM As the years roll by and life with a newborn become a distant memory, you almost have that pre-baby bounce back in your step. But for some mums, there’s something creeping up behind them: baby fever.

Family's double blow of rare fatal syndrome

Megan and Al Donnell

Interviews by Nicole Hasham Megan and Al Donnell were shattered to learn that both their young children suffer a fatal degenerative disease.

Some divorce parties 'as elaborate as weddings'

Sammie Gold

Angie Fox The divorce party trend is rapidly growing in Australia, with party planners now staging events that can be as elaborate as weddings.

Stillbirth, miscarriage and infertility is no April Fools' joke

laptop woman

Melanie Hearse Faux pregnancy announcements have long been a go-to April Fools joke. This year a meme popped up to deliver a lecture about the insensitivity of the prank - but opinion is divided on its validity.

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Measles alert for Brisbane CBD


Queensland health officials have issued a measles alert after an infectious person spent time in the Brisbane CBD.

When a child is born from an affair


MJ Angel Extramarital affairs and infidelity are devastating enough. But what happens when a child is born?

A mum at last, Nicki's not giving up now

zander nicki

Kellyanne Morrison After 14 years of infertility, Nicki and Tony finally became parents when Nicki's sister gave them a child. Less than a year later came a crushing blow - but Nicki's not giving up without a fight.


My 'pregnancy' was a tumour


Evelyn Lewin Although Michelle had always suspected her pregnancy wasn’t normal, she wasn’t expecting to learn that she was experiencing a partial molar pregnancy.

Mum of three chooses radical surgery as 'Australia's Angelina Jolie'

Pink Hope. Krystal Barter, who had an elective double Masectomy , with Maggie Abbott at the Shangri-La hotel.
Tuesday 25th March, 2014
Photos: Anthony Johnson

JULIE POWER Now 30 years old, Krystal Barter has had both breasts, her Fallopian tubes and one ovary removed to escape her "family's cancer curse".



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Win $1000 with Sea-Band

Three lucky fans can win a Sea-Band prize pack valued at over $1000 each, which includes two Sea-Bands plus a $1000 Eftpos gift card!

Misery loves Facebook

Facebook users are often criticised for only showing the positive, fun parts of their lives. But what about when it swings the other way, when someone uses it for the purposes of ranting about their children all the time, never posting anything positive?

Toddler's adorable impersonation of pregnant mum

Little Ellis has noticed his mum is walking differently lately, and his impersonation of her is hilarious.

'Forgotten baby syndrome' can happen to any one of us

When my third child was two months old, I strapped her into her car seat, then promptly forgot all about her. But she survived, unharmed, because it was winter, and I was lucky.

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Ten things I've learned about motherhood

Never take a good night's sleep for granted. There is no logic like toddler logic. Standing on Lego hurts every time. These are the truths of parenthood.

Parenting past the toddler years: what's next?

Your baby has grown into a toddler, and now your toddler is fast approaching the preschooler stage. What can you expect as a parent?

Tips on what to pack in your hospital bag

Before giving birth I read countless lists, ended up overpacking just a little, and now know what I'll actually want to pack next time.

New app keeps tabs on your kids at childcare

Popular new technology lets parents know what their children are up to at childcare - but not everyone is a fan.

21 things I love about newborns

There’s an irresistible magic about newborns. Of course they're not all smiles and rainbows, but they are undeniably cute and remarkable in so, so many ways.

Kid-friendly hairdressers: who says haircuts can’t be fun?

I’ve found some salons who boast setups ideal for children – you name it, they’ve thought of it. All are designed to make haircuts fun rather than stressful.

Labour pain relief may reduce risk of postnatal depression: study

Postnatal depression is a complex condition, but researchers say pain relief during labour may help some women.

Why we need better support for men after miscarriage

In a recent study, 85 per cent of men admitted feeling sadness after their partner miscarried, but almost half said they didn't share their feelings at all. What can be done to help them?

Mum in business: Kristy Chong

Kristy Chong is the managing director of Australian-made Modibodi underwear and a mum to Lucas, 6, Jason, 4, and Isaac, 6 months. She shares her advice for other mums thinking about starting their own businesses.

From toddler to preschooler: a developmental roadmap

So your toddler is growing up and will soon be entering the preschooler years. Here are a few ways to frame their development that will help you understand what’s going in those beautiful, funny, clever little heads of theirs.

Mum sacrifices an eye for her unborn baby

Motherhood is full of sacrifices, but this woman has made a life-altering one - and her baby hasn't even been born.

A grandparent by any other name

A growing number of grandparents are shunning tradition and going against conventional names - but a grandparent by any other name still gives the same awesome cuddles and kisses.

Photographer captures the beauty of adoption

The love of a family is usually tough to capture on camera. This is an exception.

When labour just doesn't happen

After three healthy kids, I can’t help feeling I’ve been a little ripped off. I missed out on something I had always wanted to experience, and now I’ll never get the chance.

Be careful what you say, your baby is listening

The importance of speaking to your baby even if they are not old enough to answer back has been highlighted by new research.

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Win a Mountain Buggy nano

We’re giving away the new Mountain Buggy Nano - the lightweight travel buggy! So show us the little things that make you smile for your chance to win.

Be careful what you say, your baby is listening

The importance of speaking to your baby even if they are not old enough to answer back has been highlighted by new research.

Win $1000 with Sea-Band

Three lucky fans can win a Sea-Band prize pack valued at over $1000 each, which includes two Sea-Bands plus a $1000 Eftpos gift card!

The beautiful moment a baby was born at the side of a road

It's not where she expected to give birth, but mum Corrine Cinatl is delighted that her daughter's roadside arrival was captured in a series of beautiful photos.

Doctor sings first Happy Birthday to newborns

His job is to deliver babies, but this US obstetrician also has a unique way of celebrating the miracle of life.

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The Nappy Collective starts new drive

It's that time of year when the dedicated volunteers at The Nappy Collective do their bit to help out mums and children in need - and they need your help.

Baby shower cake wrecks

From misshapen cake babies to questionable text, from odd colour choices to internal organ recreation, these are the baby shower cakes that taste forgot.

Photographer captures the beauty of adoption

The love of a family is usually tough to capture on camera. This is an exception.

Pregnancy progression photo ideas

Want to record your pregnancy as your belly grows? Here are some creative, fun ideas for photo shoots along the way.

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