New mum's dilemma when in-laws give her 'offensive' baby clothes

The woman found the clothing for her son distasteful
The woman found the clothing for her son distasteful Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

No one wants to appear ungrateful when given a gift, but a new mum is in a dilemma after her husband's family gave her clothes with offensive sayings written on them for her newborn son.

"His sister and mum bought us a tonne of baby clothes" the mother, who lives in the US wrote in a Reddit post.

"I appreciate it, but a lot of their humour/style doesn't translate over to what I want my son wearing."

The new mum says she dresses her son in some of the clothing, despite that fact it's not her taste, but there's some she doesn't approve of.

She then listed the onsies with her least favourite sayings on them, which included:

"A onesie with a gun and the words 'Proof my Daddy Doesn't shoot blanks'"

"I was just supposed to be a backrub!"

"Little sh-- making big sh--s!"

"Dads, Lock up your daughters."


'And of course the classic: 'Boobie Inspector'".

The new mum wasn't sure what to do about the clothes she was given.

The new mum wasn't sure what to do about the clothes she was given. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

"Are these funny?", she wrote. "To some people maybe, but I find comments on my sex life with my husband to be weird"

"Also, I don't want my baby wearing curse words," she adds. "Call me a prude if you must. My husband also doesn't want to put him in these clothes".

Despite finding the clothing distasteful, the woman she felt bad that they bought her son so many clothes that they weren't going to use, saying they know they spent a lot on them.

Unsure as to what to do, she asked the Reddit community for their opinion.

"I don't know if I should return the clothes to them so they can regift them or get their money back, or if I should just put them in a corner of the dresser and hope they never notice he never wears a majority of their gifts" she said.

Users agreed with the mother, with some suggesting taking photos in the outfits to send to the family to appease them. Although one user offered some elegant advice to avoid upsetting anyone.

"Personally, I would just put them in a corner somewhere and wait (assuming they're newborn or 0-3, your kid is going to be out of those so fast it isn't funny" one user suggested.

"My daughter fit those for like 6 weeks--even up to about 9 months, you fly through" they continued. "Once he's moving into bigger sizes, offer them back. You don't have to get into it that way" they said, with others agreeing that was a great solution.

"Keep them to the side as absolute emergency backup items (like 3am blowout when you haven't done laundry in a week)" another added "then chuck 'em as soon as the baby outgrows them".

We think that's a pretty good solution to what could be an awkward conversation!