Grandparents' hilarious reaction when parents reveal 'secret twin'

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok 

A new grandmother and grandfather in the US got the shock of their lives when they realised they not only had a new granddaughter, but a grandson too!

TikTok user Lily Grieser shared a clip of a video she had taken of her cousin, Tommy, introducing his daughter to his parents. Due to hospital restrictions they hadn't been able to meet her yet.

In the video, which has over 665,000 likes, the grandparents are sitting on the couch happily looking at their new granddaughter in front of them. Their son then walks out holding another baby, leaving the pair in complete disbelief.

Staring at her son holding the baby for a few seconds, the grandma states: "That's a real baby."

Her son cheekily replies confirming it is in fact, a real baby. "Your grandson too!" he adds.

The grandma, still deep in shock had nothing to say other than: "are you kidding?".

The grandpa, who had been sitting in silence since his son walked out then asked: "You've got twins?"

Tommy confirmed the news, before handing over bub number two to his mother, who was still in too much shock to process what had happened.

"You have twins! Oh my ... woah," she said. "For really? That's a real baby?"

The grandparents were shocked to learn their son had twins and kept it a secret.

The grandparents were shocked to learn their son had twins and kept it a secret. Photo: TikTok

She then asked the couple if anyone else knew they were having twins.

"Nope!" said Tommy. "You're the first."

Commenters loved the 'twin reveal', laughing at the reaction of the grandparents.

"When grandpa checked on the first one to make sure it was real, I lost it," one user wrote.

"That was priceless," laughed another. "It is a beautiful moment".

Others couldn't believe they kept having twins secret for so long

'How on earth did you keep it a secret???," one woman exclaimed. "We knew about twins for an hour before we told everyone!!!"

Tommy's cousin Lily, who posted the original video, shared a follow-up answering some of the questions in the comments.

Noting that a lot of people said it looked like the grandma was afraid to hold the baby, she confirmed that absolutely wasn't the case.

"I can assure you she was really excited, they both were for that matter," she told TikTok users, explaining they were both just "very shocked".

Honestly, we don't blame them! But as far as baby surprises go, this is a pretty good one.