Etihad Airways is training some of its flight attendants to be 'flying nannies' on board flights.

Airline introduces inflight nannies

While low-cost carriers in Asia are creating child-free zones, Etihad Airways is introducing ''flying nannies'' on long-haul flights.

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baby pregnant

Pregnant woman told to get off flight

A pregnant Sydney woman is seeking an apology from Jetstar after she was escorted from a Gold Coast-bound flight for failing to provide a medical certificate clearing her to fly.

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Minimise the pain: Plan ahead when flying with small children.

Mama Holiday: Flying with kids can be fresh hell

It was like a scene from The Exorcist. Two-year-old Taj was spinning on his back in the middle of the airport, screaming in tongues. We'd survived our first overseas flight but not the queue at customs.

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Tracey Spicer

The pitfalls of resort child care

You know you're a bad parent when you discover your baby playing with a razor. This happened on our first family holiday after the birth of our daughter, Grace.

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