Hits a nerve ... The new NZ road safety ad has been seen more than 2,500,000 times in four days.

Haunting road safety ad goes viral

"The road is no place for people to learn from mistakes". That's the grim message from a haunting and emotional new road safety ad from the NZ road authority.

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How to spot - and survive - a rip

On average, 21 people drown each year in rip currents on Australian beaches. Here's how to avoid them - and what to do if you do get caught in one.

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Best baby and toddler-friendly resorts in the South Pacific

Uninterrupted time rekindling with your partner in paradise, and special moments bonding with your child: the South Pacific offers it all. Here are the best places to stay with a baby or toddler in Fiji, Vanuatu and the Cook Islands.

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"Nothing really prepares you for a first baby without your partner thereā€ ... Christina Toon

The military wives who give birth without their partners

Every year there are thousands and thousands of women who are left behind while their partners are deployed overseas in the defence force. Three women explain what happened when they gave birth while their partners were overseas.

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Jackie McKenzie's compassionate consideration application to postpone a family holiday was declined despite her illness.

Sick mum 'belittled' by airline

A mother's bid to postpone a family holiday that clashed with her first stint of radiation treatment was declined because it was "only breast cancer".

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