Passenger silences screaming baby on plane by screaming back

An airplane passenger has caught on camera the bizarre moment a fellow traveller screamed back at a crying child.

Comedian Mike Jacobs was sharing his thoughts on air travel in a video posted to YouTube as passengers boarded the plane.

"Here comes the screaming kid," he tells the camera sarcastically. "I love to fly."

That's one way to silence a screaming child.
That's one way to silence a screaming child. Photo: iStock

No one likes a crying baby on a plane.

As the sound of the wailing child grows louder, Jacobs says: "He'll be my seatmate. Here he comes."

Suddenly Jacobs' soliloquy is interrupted by another, louder scream from across the cabin.

The child appears to be momentarily shocked into silence, as an adult can be heard saying, "you scream in my ear..." 

When Jacobs realises what has happened he bursts into uncontrollable giggles.

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