Mum gets apology from airline after she had to pay $75 to sit with her toddler

Photo: Sun Country Airlines
Photo: Sun Country Airlines 

Sun Country Airlines apologised to a California mum who says the airline wouldn't let her sit next to her toddler unless she paid a fee.

The mother, from La Mesa, told a local news outlet she picked seats together while booking via a third-party site but once at the airport she discovered her seat wasn't next to her son.

The woman, identified in the news segment as Aliss, said an airline representative told her she could pay $75 to solve the problem.

"I would have never booked a flight where we couldn't sit together," the woman, who was flying from Providence, Rhode Island, to San Diego with a Minneapolis layover, told KGTV.

"I can't pay (the $75)," she added. "What else can we do? And she said, well for $22 I can move you guys in a row front and back of each other. I said that doesn't help my problem. He's still not sitting next to me." The woman claims the airline charged her despite her asking not to be charged, and that a flight attendant was also not helpful. 

Ultimately, a grandmother on the flight let the woman have her seat so she could sit with her son.

Sun Country Airlines has since apologised.

"This was not the level of service we aim to provide, as it is our policy that children always be seated with an adult on the itinerary at no cost," Sun Country Airlines told USA TODAY in a statement.

"We have followed up with our airport staff to ensure our policy is being carried out correctly."


USA TODAY has reached out to the airport for comment.

"We have issued a full refund to the passenger for the fees incurred at the counter related to the seat assignment," the airline added.

"We were also able to ensure two seats were assigned next to one another on her return flight. Our team has resent the $200 vouchers from the flight delay to the email we have on file, and we are adding an additional $100 voucher for the inconvenience."