Holiday road: a Britz and BIG4 family road trip

I am one of those lucky people who have managed to travel the globe quite extensively. I’ve seen some extraordinary places and have visited amazing cities; I have stayed in five-star hotels, castles, onboard cruise-ships, taken a Contiki Tour, trekked the Inca Trail in Peru, travelled by planes, trains and automobiles. And now that I have a small family, I’m hoping to try something completely new. We recently spent seven nights on the North Coast of NSW camping/glamping and really enjoyed it, but what I really wanted to try next was a campervan style holiday ... 

CAMPERVAN:         Britz
TIMING:               February (Aussie summer)
DESTINATION:      South Coast NSW
STAYING:             BIG4 Holiday Park: Batemans Bay Beach Resort
PASSANGERS:       Me, husband and son (two and a half years old)
DURATION:           Five nights
EXCITED:             Check!

Planning your road trip

Our Britz holiday: first stop, Jamberoo Action Park
Our Britz holiday: first stop, Jamberoo Action Park 

The first thing when planning your road trip is how long do you expect to be on vacation and how many of you travelling. This will give you a jumping off point to where your destination will be and what sort of vehicle you will need.

Once you book your camp site and van, the rest is easy. Don’t just check out what there is to see and do in that one area - after all, your holiday starts from the minute you jump in your Britz.  Start mapping your destination; make the most of it and stop off along the way.

*Tip: Don't forget to book a baby car seat if this is required.

Britz: Maverick

Our van of choice was the Maverick 4-berth campervan. A double bed, bed up in the luton peak, dinette for four, toilet and shower, fridge, microwave, stove, LCD TV and DVD player was included - with air conditioning! There's also an awning for relaxing outside, making this the perfect home away from home.

For all inclusions and features, check out the Britz website


*Tip: Use the self-check in and save time.

BIG4: Batemans Beach Resort

The Batemans Bay Beach Resort is a BIG4 holiday resort. It's on the beachfront and is five star all the way. Nearby you have restaurants, cafes, beaches and golf course. The facilities at the resort are also fantastic, including the newly upgraded camp kitchen, playground, mini-golf and pool. The amenities here were fantastic, modern and clean, and they even had family rooms with a bathtub.

For more information on the resort’s facilities, visit Batemans Bay Beach Resort website

*Tip: Pack some warmer gear for the evenings, as the South Coast of NSW tends to get a little bit nippy.

Our holiday road

Day one
We picked up our Britz van and hit the road from Sydney. First stop for us was Jamberoo Action Park - and my first visit to this adventure/water park didn't disappoint! We had a ball swimming in the wave pool and checking out the different rides. I don’t do well on rides, so I opted for being the photographer - and of course checked out the different pools to cool off in. The Funnel Web is the newest ride, and according to my husband, it was freaking awesome (so much so, that he went on it a couple of times). Max, our son, loved the kid-friendly water parks, and we all enjoyed the rapids.

After a fun day in the sun, it was back to our Britz and headed for our caravan park. We checked in around 5.30pm, got some supplies and settled in for the night. 

Day two 
It was lovely to wake up with all the van already set up and ready to go. Another gorgeous day; we spent it in the pool, and once it got a bit cooler we played a couple of rounds of putt putt golf. We finished the day with a glass of wine and a BBQ, the perfect way to end our first full relaxing day on holidays.

Day three
Today we opted to relax and unwind and do what we never get to do, sit on a deck chair around a pool with a book, some gossip mags and the noodle! It happened to be our wedding anniversary so we booked into a local seafood restaurant called On The Pier in Batemans Bay to celebrate in style. The view was gorgeous and food divine and were kid friendly as well.

Day four
A cooler change came through, which was a welcome change after the heat – so it was time to get on the bikes and do some exploring. We rode into town and stopped off for some brunch, then explored the surrounding marinas and beaches. In the afternoon we took the chance to play a bit of tennis, while Max had a ball on the giant jumping pillow. Tonight it was off to the camp kitchen, which is right on the lake, for a BBQ.

Day five
We headed to Mogo Zoo, a very short drive away from Batemans Bay. After our visit, my husband announced it was the best zoo he's ever been to, which pretty much says it all! There's lots to see, and stopping off for a look around the quaint town of Mogo was great as well.

Day six
Home sweet home. Time to pack up, head off and say goodbye to our wonderful campervan! 

Holiday stand-outs:

  • Air-conditioned van
  • Jamberoo Action Park
  • Dining out at a local seafood restaurant on the water
  • Our son having an absolutely great time as we taught him mini-golf
  • Free wireless internet at resort

The biggest tip I could give you would be to really watch the instruction video on the Britz van, and when they offer to show you around the van, take them up on the offer. You'll be amazed at how many little things you forget - which can make for an interesting and somewhat hilarious holiday (i.e. how to work the DVD so we can watch the instruction DVD, doh!).

Download the five-day mini-break road trip check-list, including what to pack for a summer destination and some meal ideas, along with my home-made potato and egg salad.

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For more information or to book your Britz campervan, visit Britz. For more information or to book your stay at a BIG4 Holiday Park, visit the website.