Woman frustrated by her husband's constant 'baby talk': 'It's a turn off'

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Couples go through many ups and downs, and sometimes when a baby comes along the relationship can really be tested.

However it's not the newest addition to the family one new mum is struggling with; but the fact her husband insists on always talking in 'baby talk'. The habit irritates the mum so much that she's turned off having sex with him.

"So my husband and I have been married for nine years, have a 11 month old DC and sex hasn't really been on the agenda for quite some time," the woman shared on the Mumsnet forum. "I'd like to do something about but he keeps turning me right off.

"He's the perfect husband so many ways. But after spending a lot more time together recently I've been becoming more and more sensitive to the way he speaks to me, to the baby, to the pets."

The mum-of-one said her husband "regularly baby talks", saying things like  "Mummy can you give the dog a rubby dub?"

"I just shudder inside," she confessed. "He'd never be like this in front of other people and I'd always find him super sexy in social situations but now we've been starved of social contact for so long this behaviour is increasing and he's talking like this in public."

The woman said she tried to bring it up light heartedly, but it makes him feel attacked and emasculated.

"Now I don't know what to do," she said desperately. "He's absolutely lovely and gorgeous looking but I'm not finding him remotely sexually attractive atm."

Plenty of Mumsnet users agreed that baby talk is a turn off.


"I would find that very off putting," agreed another. "Why does he do it? Have you asked him? Have you told him how disturbing and unsexy you find it (but not him)?"

"Don't bring it up light heartedly," suggested another. "Directly tell him its a massive turn off and its put you off sex with him. Don't baby HIM by sugaring the pill!"

Other people pointed out that their are many benefits to baby talk.

"This baby talk is instinctive and repetition and rhyming catches the attention of infant's of your daughters age," a user wrote. 

"It sounds like he is being a natural parent. I would just suggest you praise him for his paternal instincts and just ask him to limit it to talking to the baby."

The main suggestion to come from the post was to clearly communicate with her husband.

"Continuing to do something you find a turn off is really disrespectful to you," another wrote.

"He seems to care a lot about his feelings but not at all about yours."