The eZee Expedir cargo bike review: one year later

Marion and her sons on the eZee Expedir.
Marion and her sons on the eZee Expedir. 

After my initial three-month trial to review the ezee Expedir cargo bike I didn’t want to give it back, so we decided to buy this bike - which offers transport for the rider and two kids - as an alternative to a second car.

We’ve had the Expedir for a year now, and we’ve saved both money and time by having a “family vehicle” that can take us to and from work with daycare and school drop-offs, to events and activities in and around our area. We cycle to Sydney attractions, events and festivals, to weekend sporting activities, shopping trips, social events and friends’ houses.

Over the last year, on the 8km (each way) commute to work, I have usually taken a cruisy ride, letting the electric part of the bike do most of the work. In recent weeks, though, I’ve wanted to increase my physical activity and try to get my heart rate up, so using a lower gear and lower power level, I can increase my output to get a bit of a workout. Since I’m on the bike already, I may as well make use of the incidental exercise!

The bike has been really easy to maintain: we charge it overnight, have replaced the disk brake pads, have had just a few popped spokes, and a general three to six month tune-up. There was a glitch with the battery pack within the warrantee period but it was replaced with no problems.  

I’ve also enjoyed being asked about the bike when stopped at the lights or out and about. A bike like this is quite the talking point - and I am always happy to offer advice and sing its praises.

It’s always a pretty easy decision to ride instead of take the car when you have a bike like this. It's door to door service that you don't get with any other form of wheeled transport - from my back yard to the school gate - with no parking worries.

So if you see me and the kids on our bike, give us a toot or a wave, and remember: a metre matters.