Mum's warning on dangers of liquid detergent capsules after toddler's accident

Rainbow in hospital (left) and while recovering.
Rainbow in hospital (left) and while recovering. Photo: Facebook

A mum has taken to social media to warn others about the dangers of laundry liquid capsules after her daughter was left with serious burns in her eyes.

Simone Jones, from Northamptonshire in the UK, was busy dishing up dinner when her daughter, Rainbow, managed to get into the locked cupboard that contained the laundry detergent capsules.

The capsule popped, and left Rainbow with burnt corneas in her eyes.

Rainbow is now fully recovered.
Rainbow is now fully recovered. Photo: Facebook

Jones took to Facebook to warn others.

"Please everyone keep your liquid tablets for [laundry] away from your children. Mine were I thought, however..." she wrote in the post (which has now been set to private).

"Rainbow had a massive accident today and managed to put her hand in my cupboard (child locked) to pick up a single liquid [capsule] out!

"Instantly she popped it and it spread over her face, she screamed the most horrific scream ever!

"I stopped dishing up the dinner, which is why my back was turned, not knowing what she'd done only seeing a splatted mess on the floor ..."

Jones was quick to act. She removed Rainbow's clothes and "threw her" straight into the bath.


"[I] cleaned her eyes the best I could but she was traumatically fighting me away!"

Jones then took Rainbow to the nearest emergency department, where medical staff spent hours trying to clean her eyes and examine her.

The diagnosis wasn't good: Rainbow had sustained a 95 per cent burn to her left cornea and a 5 per cent burn to her right cornea.

"She is in agonising pain and can't open her eyes, it looks as though she's been beaten!" wrote Jones.

"I have had my heart broken various times but this is awful, seeing your child suffer so much over something so bloody simple as washing capsules is traumatising!

"Please everyone move all your dangerous products completely out of reach no matter how old your children, I thought mine were safe enough, clearly not!

"And 30 seconds is all it takes for mischievous hands to explore!"

Thankfully Rainbow has since made a full recovery.

The story serves as a reminder to parents to keep toxic and dangerous products well out of reach. Because as Jones discovered, child locks don't always stop curious toddlers.