Mums share awesome life hacks

Take the kids' PJs to swimming lessons.
Take the kids' PJs to swimming lessons. Photo: Shutterstock

Stop what you're doing right now and read this story because mums have shared their life hacks and they will help make your life easier.

It all started when one mum wrote: "Am I being unreasonable to want alllll the 'hacks' for an easy life. Please share".

And Mumsnet users didn't disappoint. Hundreds of people shared their tips and tricks to make life easier.

Here's just a selection:

To save on time: "I take pyjamas to after school swimming lessons and DC (darling child) just gets straight into them after showering."

A handy cleaner: "Baby wipes clean most things, especially patent school shoes."

To avoid odd socks: "Obvious but hang in pairs on the line."

For bedding: "Fold all laundered bedding into one pillowcase before putting away, so when you change bedding it's easy to grab in one go."

To avoid mold on pesto left in the fridge: "I open the new jar, spoon into ice cube trays and freeze. Once frozen pop in to a little tub or freezer bag and stick in the freezer for when you ever need them" or "Just flatten the pesto down into the jar with the back of a teaspoon and cover with a thin layer of oil".


A quick tip: "Keep a roll of binliners in the bottom of each bin in the house. Then you don't have to keep going backwards and forwards."

For small children's beds: "I layer the beds so they are sheet, waterproof comforter, sheet, waterproof comforter. If they wee or throw up in the middle of the night you just peel off the top layer."

Do it straight away: "Never leave a room empty handed. Don't put down, put away."

For buttons: "I put a dab of clear nail varnish in the centre of every button on new shirts. I've never had to sew on a button since I started doing that."

To save on cooking: "I double the recipe for almost everything I cook, bolognese, pot roast, currys etc and then freeze."

To keep the car clean: "Get a pop up bin for the car."

For the microwave: "Put two pieces of frozen lemon in microwave for one minute and then it's really easy to clean the microwave."

Multi-task: "Clean the bathroom while your kids are in the bath."

For organising: "Take photos of newsletter, party invitations etc on your phone so they are always to hand" and "Have a present box and fill it with things when on offer or cheap".

Freeze for later: "Freeze lemon wedges and pop them in your G&T."

And most importantly: "Don't accept a lazy twat as a partner", "Everyone pulls their weight – a family can't be run purely off the back of one person" and "If you can afford, get a good cleaner even if for just a couple of hours a week".

I even have one of my own and it's taken me 10 years to start doing it.

To reduce time spent struggling with kids: "Plait your girl's hair in two low plaits when they get out of the shower at night. The next day for school let them keep the same hairstyle then you don't need to brush their hair at all.

The following day, take the plaits out and your kid's will have crimped hair that only needs a quick brush and there are no knots. Less hair brushing equals less crying".

You're welcome.