Mum’s genius Kmart sandpit hack

Keep the sand contained.
Keep the sand contained. Photo: Shutterstock

A clever Aussie mum has created a sun-safe play space for summer using an $8 item from Kmart.

Krystal Findlay shared her clever hack in the Kmart Mums Australia group on Facebook, sharing that she had bought a $8 tent for her twins and filled it with sand to create an ideal outdoor play area.

Krystal said the tent conveniently zips shut, keeping out cats and creepy crawlies when it's not in use. It would also contain the sand well, and stop it from spilling outside the edges.

$8 tent from Kmart
$8 tent from Kmart Photo: Facebook : Krystal Findlay

With five bags of sand from Bunnings – which cost $7.20 – the entire sandpit cost Krystal just over $15.

Other parents in the group were big fans of the idea, with many saying they'll be doing the same for their kids for Christmas.